Drinking lots of water is good for your diet!

Drinking water

When you’re dieting, one of the recommendations is that all will turn to drink so much water, but unfortunately there are people who have never thirsty! Why is it so important to drink a lot? And what strategies can be adopted to be able to drink more to keep you healthy and lose weight?

How much water you need to drink during the day?

The amount of water to drink in a day depends on many factors. The age, the work activity carried out, the physically inactive, the presence or absence of disease, the season (climate and humidity). However, in general, it is good to drink at least 1.5 / 2 liters of water per day.

Drinking water
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Water has no calories but contains many minerals: What?

The minerals contained in the water are numerous. The most important are the sodium and calcium, but there are also phosphorus, potassium, iodine, magnesium, selenium and zinc. Each of these plays an important role in the body, because they are all involved in many chemical reactions and are an important part of many enzymes.

Many people especially love the carbonated water: It is a problem to drink so much?

The carbonated water unfortunately greatly increases the intestinal bloating. This can become annoying for those suffering from colitis, so it is better not abuse it.

The water market is vast: What kind of water is recommended to buy?

Those who have no particular health problems can drink tap water safely. Those who have problems of osteoporosis should prefer water with a high calcium content. Instead those suffering from kidney stones or is predisposed to this pathology is preferable that choose minimally mineralized water.

So, drink plenty of water is important becauseā€¦

  • Water has no calories
  • Is a valuable ally to drain, then the number 1 enemy of cellulite and orange peel?
  • Is an important psychological support to avoid overdriven: drink water in small sips it helps to overcome the feeling of hunger inducing a feeling of full stomach?
  • It provides minerals essential to the health of our body.

Then drink a lot! Here’s some trick of editing to drink more if not you’re thirsty!

  1. Drink from the bottle! There are comfortable half-liter bottles that you can conveniently carry with you in your bag. If you find it difficult to drink a liter of water, you think that pint glasses are 5: psychologically, a bottle is less demanding than 5 glasses!
  2. If you just cannot drink water because it has no taste, give it to him! For example, summer is particularly refreshing and pleasant adding to the lemon juice.
  3. Drink two glasses of water before lunch and dinner to increase satiety and decrease the feeling of hunger.
  4. Choose the temperature you like if this helps you drink more: fresh water or at room temperature makes no difference, it is a matter of taste! But remember that drinking too much cold water can cause stomach cramps and even intestinal problems … especially in the summer!
  5. If you own part of that group of people who have never thirsty, learn to drink without thirst : less thirsty you drink less, so take my courage in both hands and stop at once this vicious circle!
  6. Help! System bottles everywhere: on the desk, in the kitchen, on the stock exchange, in the room! In so doing, drinking will become an automatic gesture and reach 2 liters a day without difficulty.

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