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Six financial tips when planning to have a baby

Motherhood is an exciting and daunting time, so putting measures in place for financial security before the baby arrives can provide essential peace of mind.

Maternity and paternity pay

To claim statutory maternity or paternity pay, employees need to have been in work for at least 26 weeks by the time the baby arrives and earn over £95 a week. Companies are only required to pay 90% of average weekly earnings for the first six weeks, then 33 weeks at £123 a week or 90% of weekly wages. Those who are self-employed are entitled to a government allowance. Maternity policies vary between companies, so it is always advisable to check employment contracts or speak to the HR department.

2. Making a will

Making a will is a very important consideration, particularly for those who are not married. Having a will ensures a person’s life insurance, death in service benefit and share of the house will go to their partner if they die. It is easy to do, costs around £150 and provides important financial security.

3. Life and critical illness cover

The value of a stay-at-home parent is often overlooked, but should something happen to them, alternative care would be needed. Childcare is estimated to cost around £25,000 per year per child. Nowadays, back office systems for IFAs mean they are well positioned to identify the appropriate products.

4. Keeping track of your pension

It is not unusual for people to have more than one pension and desire consolidation. High-earning individuals nearing their annual allowance can also pay into a pension on their partner’s behalf. Many IFAs contact Intelliflo for back office systems in order to ensure they adhere to regulatory requirements when providing financial advice.

5. Planning to live on one salary

Things change after having a baby, and many people don’t want to return to work after parental leave. Childcare costs are often too high or an employer makes returning to work difficult. It is always advisable to understand employment rights, but it is also worth making arrangements, where possible, to live on one salary for at least a short period of time.

6. Savings

Conserving money is sensible in the long-term; children cost money and earning potential is likely to decrease for a period of time. It’s worth considering spending less on high-end items and saving the difference for the future.

How to build the mental education of children correctly

mental education

It begins with the fact that the tasks of mental education of children are to enrich the child’s knowledge, the development of thought processes, the formation of the ability to find, the ability to tune the child to constant intellectual development and productive intellectual activity. These aspects are components of the content of mental education.  Read more

How to put limits on our children?


Putting limits on our children is to let them mark roads, help them to be in the world around them, to understand it and enjoy it at the same time.

Boundaries are needed in education

Setting limits is necessary in the educational process of our children. It is something that the professionals agree on. Doctors, pediatricians, teachers, psychologists, pedagogues, etc., agree on the need to go marking the children in their day to day, and also point out the dire consequences of not doing so.

In these times when many families choose not to follow the authoritarian educational model that they possibly received from their elders, there is uncertainty to be on the subject of limits. “We cannot let them do whatever they want, but we do not want to be a sergeant who’s been commanding all day …”

We have to set limits to our children, we have it clear. But the question we ask next is “How do we set limits?”

Let’s put the subject a little… Read more

Make up, care of facial skin and body during pregnancy

Make up in pregnancy

As soon as he discovers she is pregnant, arriving passed the checks to do and things to avoid, to preserve the health of the baby during pregnancy and during lactation.

Alongside the imperative of always valid “Nothing categorical alcohol and no smoking”, it also adds to the list of “beauty actions” banned during the nine-month pregnant: it must be emphasized that pregnancy is not the enemy of beauty, indeed!

In the months of pregnancy can be cured and beautiful from head to toe, you can do everything but carefully choosing the products.

This is because, while entering in a particular period, every woman must continue to take care of your body, its image and its beauty. Read more

Earth Day: Involve your children in the care of the planet

Earth Day

Among our missions as parents, it is undoubtedly to instill in our children the love and respect for the planet on which we live. Children are no strangers to the changes that our planet is suffering and it is important to get them involved in your care since they are small. Minimal gestures like throwing trash in the bins or care for a plant helps them start being environmentally responsible. Read more

Cognitive Development in Childhood: Language and Emotions

Cognitive Development

Language and communication

Children can communicate long before they are able to use spoken words. The rooting reflex points out the ability to suck and eat. Different types of crying indicate discomfort, pain or fatigue. In the non – verbal body language, posture, facial expressions, relaxation or muscle tension, movement, tears, perspiration, tremors or shaking are included. The alerts parents learn to interpret these body signals and give the correct meaning.

Therefore, language is only one method of communication, although it is the most important because it allows humans to exchange information, ideas, attitudes and emotions.

After all, thousands of words, language is an efficient means for one to communicate to others an unlimited amount of information, thoughts, ideas and feelings. Read more

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