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Protecting retail staff from Covid

In these troubled times running a business can be incredibly difficult. There are all sorts of worries for business owners. In March when everyone had to work from home it was a struggle for many people – working at home can be difficult if you don’t have the space or the equipment needed to be able to do it.

For this reason, many employers and employees have been keen to get back into the office. Of course, now keeping people safe in the workplace is really important, and many employees are naturally cautious about getting back into the office or shop floor like those at EJ Menswear who sell a lot of Mens Designer Polo shirts. Here are a few ways that employers can get staff back in as well as making sure that the office is as safe as possible during these uncertain times…

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Hand Hygiene – One of the most important things to stop the spread of any germs is good hygiene. Hand Washing regularly with soap is something that all employees should be doing on arrival at work and before eating.

A Clean Workplace – It is also important to make sure that office equipment and things that are often touched such as door handles are cleaned regularly – a professional company like this office cleaning Cheltenham based company can be a good way to make sure that you have a clean workplace.

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Distancing – Making sure that there is a good amount of space between people is important to stop germs spreading. If the office is big enough, space desks apart from each other. If not, you can get clear Perspex hygiene screens to put around desks to ensure that coughs and sneezes can’t spread any further.


The many different ways that you can finance a business

Running a business can become an expensive task, and there are instances when you might need to look for further investment. This could be for growing your business, acquiring another company that compliments yours or helping with the development of future products and services. It is crucial that before you embark on any growth strategy, you speak with a Tewkesbury Business Advisory company such as Randall and Payne to ensure that it is appropriate for your business at this point in time. If you decide to go ahead, there are several ways that you can look for financing.

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Self-financed – if you are looking to start a business from scratch, you might be looking at self-financing this. It can be challenging to get financing for a start-up as banks won’t want to lend on a business that has no trading history, and it can also be difficult to get investors on board. If you are looking to grow your business, you might not want to self-fund this as the other options mentioned below might be better in this situation.

Bank Loan – bank loans can be difficult to get on businesses unless you can prove that you will be able to comfortably pay back the money within the given time period. It is often used when a company is looking to grow or buy another company. This will require lots of meetings with the bank and a detailed business plan with projections and forecasts to be able to meet the bank’s criteria and to prove to them that the growth or acquisition is a safe and prosperous one.

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Investors – if you have ever watched Dragon’s Den, you will be familiar with the idea of investors giving you money in return for equity in your business. This needs to be thought through properly and discussed with your accountant to ensure that you are not giving away too much equity in your company. It can be helpful to have the support of another business professional, but in some cases, you might find a silent partner who will fund your requirements but will not get involved in the day to day running of the company. Again you will need a robust business plan and goals and projections for the next few years.

There are other options available such as grants and crowdfunding. These again need to be thought about in terms of ensuring that your company meets the criteria for any grants and that you have thought about equity shares that you may be giving away as a part of a crowd funding agreement. It is essential that you explore all the options available to you and pick the best one for you and your business circumstances.

Six ways to rock knitwear

Some trends come and go but knitwear has been around for centuries and isn’t going anywhere. Once the cold winter draws we always want a good range of cosy, but fashionable, knitwear at our disposal. Allow us to walk you through six top ways to make your knitwear rock.

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The classic all black look

A great way to stay looking sharp without sacrificing warmth and comfort is to keep your entire outfit black. We recommend teaming a simple knitted jumper (cable knit works particularly well) with chinos and Chelsea boots. If you are not a fan of the cable knit look, a polo neck jumper or a V-neck pullover can look equally good. Black is a very cool look, but to make sure it works it is very important that your entire outfit is the same shade of black.

The sports coat and jumper

Combining a classic crewneck jumper with a sports coat creates a truly debonair, man about town vibe. Colour coordination is extremely important here so ensure that your coat and jumper complement each other well. A light colour jumper with darker coat and trousers usually works best. Navy and white, brown and burgundy and grey and black are always good colour combinations for men’s clothing.

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A hint of shirt collar

Many styles of jumper work perfectly with a smart shirt peeking out. These styles include crewnecks, cable knits, Fair Isle and zipped jumpers. For a wide range of different styles consider collections such as the mens Ralph Lauren knitwear range available from EJ Menswear.

Create a contrast

A plain V-neck jumper with a patterned shirt can create some delightful visual drama. You want the jumper to be of quality material but simple design so as not to be overpowering. The cut of the V-neck ensures that you really showcase your shirt and the contrast really makes the pattern pop. Consider gingham or tartan for a bold look.

Fair Isle jumper and tie

This is an old school look, so embrace its classic aesthetic by teaming it with a proper tie. Fair Isle jumpers are bold pieces so you want them to be your focal point, keeping your tie and shirt neutral in comparison. Break this rule and you run the risk of making your outfit look crowded.

Never collect items piecemeal, for a well put together look always ensure your knitwear flows with the rest of your outfit.

Impress Your Clients with a Christmas Party at Your Home

Christmas Party at Your Home

If you have a great home there’s no need to book a hotel to hold a corporate Christmas party. Holding a party in your home is a brilliant way of connecting with clients on a more personal level. Showing your home and welcoming guests into a warm environment is a great way to encourage people to relax and enjoy the whole evening in comfort.

Keeping Everyone Entertained

If you’re concerned the night will end up with awkward silences or slipping into constant work talk you can avoid this by organising entertainment. You don’t have to spend a fortune hiring live musicians, think about something different. If you enjoy wine or even beer you could host your own tasting evening, the perfect idea for a festive party. If you don’t have much knowledge on the subject, contact a wine taster or local brewery to see if you can book their services in your home.

You may also be able to entertain your guests with some spa treatments. This will depend on your clients and perhaps how relevant the spa treatments are to your business. However, it’s a great idea for those working in hospitality or beauty industry. Don’t organise personal treatments such as back massages, pick treatments you can all enjoy together such as manicures and hand massages.

Have a Backup Plan

If you add the right lighting, great food, good music and some entertainment you should have a great evening. It is useful to have some backup ideas to turn to if you find the night doesn’t go quite as you planned. Think about how you’ll be able to get the conversation flowing with games, conversation starters or a surprise form of entertainment. If you have a backup plan or two you will be able to quickly deal with any awkward situations and move the party on in a new direction. Perhaps bring out a flambé desert or break out a very special bottle of something sparkly.

Bring in the Caterers

You don’t want to spend the night in the kitchen leaving your guests alone to enjoy the entertainment. Therefore it makes perfect sense to hire caterers to come to your home. They will create the delicious food for the evening, prepare it for you, serve the food and wash up at the end of the evening. You may think you’ll need to spend a fortune on such a service but actually, the costs are often a lot more affordable than expected.

Hiring a catering firm is a brilliant way of impressing your clients. They also take a lot of pressure off your shoulders for the evening. You don’t have to plan or prepare a great menu or worry that you’re leaving the guests alone for too long. The hard work is all done for you so all you need to do is concentrate on being a great host.

Why experiences make better gifts than ‘things’

It is always difficult to find an interesting and unique gift for someone close to you, regardless of whether they are a friend, family member or loved one. You need to consider what they enjoy, and then try to come up with something they do not already have. It is exactly as the adage says: what do you give the person who has everything?

The answer is that you give an experience rather than an item. Experiences shape people’s lives more than objects, are unique and incomparable, and shared experiences can bring you closer to the people you share them with.

Experiences stick with us

You may think that a physical object would have much more impact on someone’s life than an experience that lasts for a few hours; however, funnily enough, the reverse is true.

According to some scientists, this is because ‘adaptation’ is what makes things feel stale or boring. A physical object quickly becomes normal, regardless of how cool it is for the first few hours, but an experience sticks with you and shapes you exactly because it is so different to the norm.

Experiences are difficult to compare

A big problem a lot of people face, especially when giving or receiving gifts, is the drive to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, or compare what they have to what others have.

A fancy television might be an amazing gift for someone who religiously watches football or enjoys films; however, no matter how good it is when you buy it, there is always a newer and fancier model to compare it to – and everyone has one.

On the other hand, a tank driving experience from a company such as Armourgeddon can’t really be compared to anything else, and how many people can say they have driven a tank?

Shared experiences bring people closer

While many objects are enjoyed by an individual, most experiences will involve multiple people. These are the shared moments and stories we think back to.

Something as simple as a nice meal with a loved one can be an experience you remember years later. Even important objects, such as wedding rings, are important because of the event they are tied to.

Regardless of your relationship, you should seriously consider giving the gift of a memorable experience.

A Range of Remodeling Options

No matter how beautifully designed and built a home may be, the reality is that over time, that home will have some wear and tear. Paint will become marked and faded, floor tiles will chip, and some color schemes will start to look rather out of date. This is all part of the normal course of things in home ownership, of course, but sooner or later a homeowner will have to take a hard look at their house and conclude that it’s time for a fix-up.

A Range of Remodeling Options

When a home seems in need of a remodel, the question is, “how extensive must the remodel be?” A home makeover can range from a job that is mostly cosmetic, with a redo of paint colors, curtains and perhaps flooring. A more major makeover would involve installing new appliances in the kitchen or bathroom, installing cabinetry and wall treatments, and even tearing out and rebuilding walls. All of this involves a lot of time, consideration, planning and yes, money to do right. If that all sounds daunting, it doesn’t have to be if the remodel is overseen by an experienced contractor.

An experienced general contractor will have the expertise needed to help plan and then oversee the actual work on a home remodel. The contractor’s knowledge of building, design and budgeting will make all the difference in the success of a remodel, and in bringing it in on the agreed price.

A homeowner who is thinking about doing a remodel should find a contractor by checking the listings in building websites. There are many great sites today dedicated to connecting contractors with those who need their services. These sites will offer examples of the contractor’s work along with references, so a homeowner can really check to be sure they are working with the right person.

A home makeover is a huge project to take on. That’s why it’s so important to have the right people involved, to ensure that your home comes out as beautifully as possible once the remodel work is done. Take a look at the contractors out there in your community, and be sure to find the one who can make your home into a thing of beauty.

Simple Ways to Create a Custom Deck In Your Backyard

Few things are as exciting as the moment weather changes for the better, and homeowners get to spend more time outdoors. Outdoor living is no longer something people do only when they’re on vacation or in the tropics. It’s something many families want to take advantage of on a regular basis, and that’s why it’s time to consider hiring a custom deck builder. Now is the time to ensure your backyard is as beautiful, welcoming, and enjoyable as a resort. With such busy schedules this time of year, it’s difficult to get away from home. Why not create your own backyard paradise with a custom deck designed to exceed your family’s wildest dreams? There are so many options, and there’s no reason you can’t turn this dream into a reality with a custom deck.

Think Colorfully

One of the simplest ways to create a custom deck from scratch or by updating your existing deck is with color. There’s no reason you can’t think outside the box here. Now is the time to consider custom paint such as a dark stain on the floor and beautiful antique white rails. The contrast has an amazing effect on the deck, and it makes it entirely custom.

Different Levels

One way to add a custom look to any deck is with multiple levels. Not only does it break up the monotony of a large deck, it also makes it more effective for entertaining. It’s easy to designate specific spaces for your entertaining needs when you have more than a few levels.

Add a Pergola

If there is a specific area on the deck that receives more sun than another, considering adding a lovely pergola. It adds just enough shade to make this portion of the deck more comfortable on hot, sunny days. It’s also an addition that’s aesthetically pleasing and more elegant than a plain deck without this contrast.


If you’re worried that bugs and other unwelcome guests might make themselves at home in your flowers, stop. There is nothing more gorgeous or custom than adding beautiful climbing greenery and/or flowers to your deck. One way is to add something gorgeous like jasmine to the trellis along the bottom, or you can add it to the pergola for even more shade. This is a custom addition you can do yourself, but it makes such a significant difference in the overall appearance of your entire deck.

Homeowners want a reason to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather each season has to offer, and a custom deck only makes this more enjoyable. Vitamin D and some enjoyable views are always welcome, and it’s good for the family to spend some additional time outside. Let a custom deck add some much-needed interest to your home. The entire family benefits in many ways.

Contact Lenses: Myths and wearing rules


Contact lenses have long ceased to inspire fear: discomfort, dryness, nursing care – all these problems are left behind due to modern technologies of production. We say that you need to know about a new generation of lenses.

The first contact lenses were about 1940 and made of organic glass. Needless to say that these lenses are uncomfortable and require considerable effort to maintain their purity.

Fortunately, in 1960 a scientist Otto Wichterle created the first soft contact lenses of innovative polymer – hydrogel that has the ability to absorb water (38%), after which it becomes soft and elastic. Read more

Feeling alone, symptoms and solutions


Most often feel lonely when you come out of the usual routine: separating from your partner or losing a job … do not know where to turn.

The pandemic of loneliness

Solitude, the fact of feeling alone is a modern pandemic progress silently. We seem to have many friends but, in fact, are barely known. The person realizes that he is alone when you do not know with whom to share their emotions, their sorrows, and falls into states of anxiety and anxiety, and depression. It is desirable to turn that alarm at a turning point and realize that walking towards where social inertia leads us often makes us unhappy.

The pandemic of loneliness is a phenomenon that started about half a century ago and is growing. It is increasingly common to feel alone and that is explained by different reasons: unstable households, ephemeral work stations, professional ambitions, progressive urbanization of society…

Previously, such jobs were more enduring, as were the families. That scenario was more emotional security to people. Read more

Why you want more time?

More Time

It is the most important question. Why? Although it seems obvious, one because with an intense emotional charge, is the only thing that will move you how to manage your time today, a more efficient way to do it.

When we impose that “we” have more time, something in your brain resists. That “I have to” or “should” represent actions that generate in your brain, the more pain than pleasure. And when I speak of pain, it is a real pain. Read more

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