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What to buy the special men in your life for their Birthday presents this year.

The situation where there are, “No Buses for an hour then three come all at the same time” can often apply to lots of different occasions.  Some months of the year have no birthdays or anniversaries and then others have at least four or more!  The month of January is particularly packed with Birthdays in our family and I’m sure there are months when you have to find special presents for several male members of your family too!  What do you buy the men in your life?  The male species is always more difficult to find gifts for and sourcing something that they will appreciate and use is very tricky!

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They have every handy tool imaginable, a lifelong supply of shower gels and deodorants, too many bars of chocolate and bottles of beer, so what on earth do you buy?  Well, for me this year, an inspirational idea came to me and proved to be a massive hit with all the men in my life for their birthdays.  My husband, two grown up sons and adult nephew were all more than happy to receive a mens aran sweater from a company such as

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With all the different styles, colours and sizes it was easy to choose a different sweater for all the special men in my life. The quality of each article was exceptional, the sizes true to the website’s advice and all the different styles much appreciated by everyone who received one.

Best Gift Ideas For the Winter Season

Winter can be a busy time and it can be tough to find time to find the perfect gifts for everyone, but there are some great gifts to give during the cold season. Gifts that make people feel warm and cosy can include festive mugs for hot chocolate and soft knitted scarves. A knitted beanie is another practical gift that will make the recipient feel warm. Gifts that are useful and stylish can be practical, too, like an fisherman sweaters for men from a site like

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Whether you’re buying for a husband or brother, there are plenty of gifts that are ideal for the coldest season. A cozy throw pillow cover adds comfort to the sofa. Aromatherapy packs can relieve arthritis and muscle aches, and are a great gift idea for keeping warm. For coffee drinkers, mug warmers can keep drinks warm even while out and about. An insulated mug is an excellent gift for frequent travellers.

Homemade gifts are also perfect for the winter season. Homemade candles make lovely hostess gifts. A few companies sell hand-poured herbal candles made from toxin-free soy wax. You can also try essential oil room sprays. These are formulated with essential oils that will enhance any space.

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Baking treats is another fun option for gift giving during the winter season. Who can resist a box of delicious cookies or a hamper of festive goodies that might include shortbread, gourmet crisps, cheese, wine or beer, for example.


Common Reasons Why Couples Are Wearing Matching Bracelets

It is not uncommon to see a couple wearing matching couple bracelets. This trend has become a vast industry, as many couples buy promise rings and matching bracelets. These bracelets are so cute! You should wear matching jewelry, from friendship to romance, to symbolize your love for each other. This article will explore some of the most common reasons couples wear matching bracelets. Read more

The short-sleeve shirt: how to wear it with style

The short-sleeve shirt is often viewed with suspicion, earning itself a less than favourable reputation in a man’s wardrobe. The problem is, it’s very easy to wear this item of attire incorrectly, ruining your stylish credibility before you’ve even fastened up a single button. Yet, with a little know-how, the short-sleeve shirt can turn heads, for all the right reasons.

Praise for the short-sleeve shirt

Short-sleeve shirts are a mystery. Long-sleeve shirts are smart, t-shirts are casual and polo shirts are trendy, but the difficulty of categorising short-sleeve shirts means that men avoid wearing them, or get it wrong when they do put one on.

Yet, the reality is, they have a lot going for them. They’re comfortable to wear, cool in summer, and can look great when teamed with the right clothes. In fact, they’re starting to enjoy something of a revival. According to The Telegraph designers with proper clout are all pushing the short-sleeve shirt.

The right fit

If you want to be part of the short-sleeve shirt fashion revival and pull the style off well, it’s all about ensuring a good fit. The shirt shouldn’t be so tight that it looks like it shrunk in the wash, yet too baggy a fit and you’ll just look sloppy.

Focus on style

Style is key to getting the short-sleeve shirt look spot-on. Choose a reputable, trustworthy brand or label, such as mens Farah shirts from A camp collar in a neutral tone teamed with a white t-shirt underneath always works well. If you choose a print style, make sure it won’t clash with the rest of your attire. This is the one item of clothing that works well with a floral pattern, but if you prefer something less radical, stick to a classic gingham style. Leave a couple of buttons undone for a casual effect, but never formalise this style with a tie – it doesn’t work.

Trousers and shoes

Team your short-sleeve shirt with a pair of fitted trousers or shorts. Smart jeans create a stylish look or tailored shorts are perfect for casual summer attire. Focus on wide fitting trousers to give structure to your outfit.

Shoes can make or break your short-sleeve look, so if you want to stay on-trend, opt for white trainers, penny loafers, boat shoes or thick sole derbies.

5 reasons to lighten your hair

lighten your hair

Do you want to change the color of your hair? Opt for the blond. There are so many reasons to lighten hair. That’s why the blond like.


The blond hair is bleached or sun and summer. For best results, consult an expert hairdresser and do explain all the possibilities and techniques. Keep in mind with the fact that the blond lightens further to the sun. So it will intensify during the holidays by the sea. Read more

Choose the best blouses

Best blouses

Our editorial team has selected the best women’s blouses on the market for style, quality fabrics, and brands. Read the review to find out our views on features, pricing and best blouses commercially.

For as little as 5-10 dollars you can find women’s blouses on offer on Bonprix or Zalando, allowing them to buy as many as you want, even just to make them sprout from beneath the sweaters. These sites, well-known, in addition to selling the heads of other brands, also have their own line those prices quite content. Read more

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