The best food and drink to combat constipation and have a better digestion


It will happen to everyone to have unlocked the intestine. Constipation can be caused by several factors: a little nutritious diet, little exercise and often stress can contribute to your intestinal illness.

In most cases add fiber in your diet can be a good help to lock your belly and reduce swelling. In this way, the body can digest the new substances that are able to let go of the body and at the same time you will have a healthier bowel. Fruits and vegetables are two indispensable allies to combat constipation and individual foods can help smooth out the activity of your digestive system.

According to an institute of American medicine, men should consume 38 grams of fiber every day against the 25 recommended for women; in reality, the average of the average consumption in the US is 15 grams daily.

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Below we listed foods to eat in the intestinal laziness periods, even if combined with regular physical activity you will notice significant improvements. If your constipation persists for more than three weeks or continue to feel bad it is the case that you seek medical attention.

1. Raspberries

Each type of berry possesses a high rate of fibers, but raspberries are the most effective, it only takes 8 grams, the equivalent of a cup. You could hold the raspberries in bags and store them in the freezer, so whenever you need it, you can enjoy them with the fibers and come back to feel good.

2. Coffee

It is probably one of the first things that you just want to wake up. Caffeine is a natural stimulant for the brain and helps you to find the energy to face the day. Among the beneficial effects of coffee are the stimulation of muscle contractions of the large intestine of bowel. Caffeine is good but do not abuse it: you may experience a laxative effect, but if you stay below the threshold of three cups a day you should have no side effects.

3. Water

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of constipation. If you realize that you drink just has to consider increasing the amount of fluids in your body and you could see the early benefits.

4. Oranges

Do not give up a cup of breakfast pressed. On average orange contains two grams of fiber while the orange juice in the bottle that is almost free. A study conducted in 2008 found that naringenin, a substance found in citrus fruits and may have beneficial effects in those who suffer from constipation.

5. Plums

For years, the marketing strategies have attributed to the reputation of plums touches healthy for people suffering from constipation and even prunes were invented to increase the supply to consumers. In fact there is nothing wrong with it, whether fresh or dried, the plums are really beneficial in cases of bowel irregularity because they have a high fiber content, but they are not the only fruit, including apricots can be a viable alternative.

6. Popcorn

Does it seem odd to call a health food? Then you surprise you to know that a cup of popcorn contains a gram of fiber. To get the maximum benefit from this snack avoid using butter in cooking prepare them at home naturally.

7. Lino

Flax seeds are not a common food in the kitchen because they are difficult to digest but can be very useful in cases of intestinal disorders and if accompanied with fiber and oatmeal will notice the benefits.

Simply a tablespoon of flax seed to ingest two grams of fiber and 37 calories, also is a substance rich in omega-3 fatty acids, useful substances to fight depression and Alzheimer’s.

8. Brown Rice

In a cup of brown rice contains 3.5 grams of fiber. A study conducted in 2007 showed that Japanese women are the ones who eat the most amount of rice and have 41 percent less susceptibility of constipation than those who eat it less. Experts say that brown rice is healthier than white because it is rich in vitamin B, manganese, iron, fiber and fatty acids.

9. Spinach

It was right arm to eat spinach Iron many to have more muscles, shame I never said what this vegetable do well to combat constipation. (Strong muscles and regular bowel activity, seems like a dream). A cup of spinach boiled contains four grams of fiber, 150 milligrams more than the magnesium, a mineral with laxative effects.

10. Yogurt

An analysis carried out in 2014 showed that yogurt is a beneficial food to regulate intestinal activity and to make it less painful. You will not need to buy a specific brand to get better.

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