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How to make cake cookies


If you want to learn how to make biscuits cake you should not miss this article. It is an easy, economical recipe and for not to use the oven.

Today we bring this delicious cookie cake recipe that is so easy to make even need oven. Just have one caution: you must be prepared in advance so that you leave “doing” quietly.

It is cheap, and also with appropriate security measures, You can do it with little kids! They can help you to go riding the cake by adding cookies.

This biscuit cake recipe can serve as homemade birthday cake or delicious dessert to top off any meal. Notes: Read more

Eight original recipes with pumpkin, to take advantage of this seasonal vegetable

Pumpkin recipe

Pumpkin is one of the vegetables that we can leverage for these months to get good nutrients and a pleasant sweet taste in our dishes, so, we leave eight original recipes with pumpkin that will help you incorporate more this food to your table.

Original recipes with pumpkin

To vary our dishes and not just make a puree, soup or stew with pumpkin, you have some recipes originals that you can try at home to reinvent the use of this vegetable. Read more

3 Simple gluten-free recipes

gluten-free recipes

These days we talked about celiac disease, the gluten intolerance and the problems that this disease is. Intolerance of gluten by gluten requires them to follow strict diets lacking where food is present vegetable protein particularly wheat. The first impression is that it must be difficult to follow gluten – free diet as it is found in many staple foods that most of us consume regularly. But with a little knowledge, we discover that you can lead a healthy and varied diet, without eating gluten.

Today I leave 3 gluten – free recipes for example. Read more

6 healthy juices to prevent and treat anemia

healthy juice

If we want to combat anemia and also obtain energy for the rest of the day it is convenient to consume these juices early, but we can also take multiple shots.

Anemia is a condition that occurs when there is a decrease in the levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin in blood. This situation leads to the development of other health problems, as it reduces the capacity to carry oxygen from the lungs to other body tissues.

As a result, the person feels fatigued, weak and hard to achieve concentration. In addition, usually it has pale skin and thinning hair and nails.

To accelerate the recovery of this disease is important to increase consumption of foods rich in iron. This mineral is responsible for increasing the number of red blood cells to restore all functions that are affected by the deficiency. Read more

How to prepare a delicious banana and ginger jam

banana and ginger jam

Thanks to all nutrients banana and ginger jam this gives us the energy we need to face the day without including extra calories.

Marmalade is a sweet sauce that can be used to give a special touch to cookies, breads, cakes and other foods we usually eat during breakfast.

This can be made from fruits, but also achieved several business presentations. However, due to its high content of sugars, preservatives and calories, some people prefer to eliminate from your diet and opt for other alternatives.

Luckily, there are very interesting homemade recipes that allow us to develop them within minutes and with the advantage of being able to control their caloric index.

This is the case of an exquisite banana and ginger jam 100% free of sugar, gluten, preservatives and other additives harmful. Read more

Seven traditional recipes that can be converted into sandwich

Seven traditional recipes

Anything fits between two pieces of bread. Well I knew John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who was the precursor of this highly practical invention. His passion for playing cards forced his servants to prepare all kinds of food so I could eat like an elegant English gentleman unstained cards. Many years have passed since the birth of the sandwich and not just cold cuts and cold meats are the stars of the recipes. We have found recipes that fit very well known dishes to the custom of eating “something” between two slices of bread. Read more

Ginger Cheesecake: Recipe surprising and ginger cheesecake

Ginger Cheesecake

I love pies baked cheese, the classic New York Cheesecakes we can do a thousand and one ways, all delicious. On this occasion, I have prepared the Ginger Cheesecake, Recipe surprising and ginger cheesecake that moment is what I liked most of all I’ve done and tested.

The idea came after trying it in an Asian restaurant, where they served the desserts and after the experience, I decided to make my own version of this cheesecake whose fundamental notes freshness and citrus twist oriental ginger surprises all who try it. Read more

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