Lose weight with the help of kefir diet

kefir diet

There are many types of diets that promote weight loss, you can make a lot of effort, but it is important to observe some points, so that the result was obvious. Adhering to a diet, you need to pick the one that is most suitable and will not cause injury. Be sure to be guided by the state of health during a diet. This article will look at how to lose weight with the help of kefir diet, try in detail to make the menu for the week.

Benefits of kefir diet is that you can remove a few extra kilos and saturate the body with a light protein, calcium and good bacteria. Contraindications to the diet are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, vitamin deficiency, and anemia. To make it easier to stick to a diet it is necessary to break up the week and try to stick to the menu.

kefir diet
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Monday: For breakfast, prepare yogurt with herbs, a sandwich with a slice of cheese, coffee or tea. For lunch, yogurt, boiled buckwheat, salad greens dressed with olive oil. Green tea with honey. For dinner, steamed chicken, turkey or beef meat to eat salad vegetables. Tea with honey.

Tuesday: For breakfast, yogurt with finely chopped greens, 2 boiled eggs, orange juice. For lunch, yogurt, boiled rice with fish cakes, green tea with honey. For dinner, you can cook a chicken or rabbit, salad greens and cucumbers. Olive oil, 50 grams of black bread.

Wednesday: For breakfast, eat yogurt, and oatmeal porridge add raisins, nuts, orange juice. For lunch, you can eat a light vegetable soup with rye bread or crackers. For dinner, yogurt with finely chopped greens, half a grapefruit, baked turkey meat with pepper and a slice of black bread.

Thursday: For breakfast, yogurt, sandwich with greens and cheese, tea or juice. For lunch, prepare boiled rice with meat of chicken and a slice of black bread. For dinner, cook vegetables suitable cauliflower, sweet pepper, baked fish, boiled buckwheat, yogurt with herbs.

Friday: For breakfast, yogurt with herbs, 2 eggs. Coffee or tea. Barley porridge for lunch with a slice of boiled chicken, and a salad of cabbage and greens, seasoned with olive oil. For dinner, yogurt, boiled beef, salad from vegetables, 50 grams of black bread.

Saturday: For breakfast, 2 eggs, yogurt with herbs. For lunch, boiled buckwheat with fishcakes, salad mix of vegetables. For dinner, yogurt, boiled or baked chicken, barley porridge.

Sunday: For breakfast, oatmeal with apple, yogurt. For lunch, boiled rice, vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice and olive oil. For dinner, yogurt, boiled fish meat or beef, baked vegetables.

Over time, you will be on kefir diet; you may want to eat much, but to satisfy his hunger, use healthy foods, yogurt, baked apples, banana, honey and nuts. From drinks can drink water, tea, juices, broths from dried fruits. Cook an entire meal, and adding various additives, use aroma of basil, rosemary, oregano, or a mixture of herbs. Meat is also important to cook boiled, baked or steamed. When a diet is important to maintain a list of dishes, as well you lose weight.

On the diet cannot eat chocolate, buns, meat dishes, smoked spicy. In order not to cause harm to the body leaving your diet, gradually drive the diet of the usual meals and do not overeat, because it is bad for the health. The body requires a constant source of energy, but it is important that the food is ingested in small portions, and then it will benefit and not overload the digestive organs.

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