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Products Rich in Folic Acid: 10 useful sources

Rich in Folic Acid

The moment you find out that you are pregnant changes your whole life.

Tears of joy … Happiness … Excitement …

And every step now should be aimed at the well-being of the growing in you small life.

The food you eat at this time should support not only your health, but your baby.

Folic acid is one of the most important nutrients that should be included in the diet of a potential mother. While you will opt for supplements, remember about the natural sources of folic acid.

Products containing folic acid may be the best choice to meet your daily needs for this vitamin. You will also incidentally meet other needs in vitamins and minerals.

Teach yourself and your children to use as many natural sources of nutrients as possible. Additives will never completely replace them.

And now let’s look at a list of foods rich in folic acid … Read more

The 5 rules to protect you from harm of street food

street food

A simple handbook to resist the temptation of the “street” food and preserve your good eating habits. It is no coincidence that countries where it is overweight that is more prevalent are also those with a larger number of fast food and poor quality restaurants on every corner.

Just to walk around cities like New York, London or Hamburg to realize the widespread distribution of fat is that opportunities to fill his belly spending very little. Hot dogs, hamburgers, donuts, sausages, chips, cakes, ice cream, cappuccino, rolls, chai latte, pizzas of all kinds have become an integral part of the street furniture and large cities are in the streets, in shopping malls, stations, at airports, in essence anywhere there is a sufficient flow of potential consumers. Read more

Plant proteins help you to fight cholesterol


There is much talk of vegetable protein, mainly to replace those animals for those who decide to follow a vegetarian or vegan. In fact, the same as recommended World Health Organization, we should give space in our diet to a more plant protein and limiting animal protein. Because?

First, because while the food of animal origin as well as being a source of protein often contain also a fair amount of saturated fats – which must be limited so as not to cause damage to our body – plant proteins come from foods substantially free of saturated fats and therefore more help in controlling your cholesterol. Without considering that are decidedly more eco-friendly, since their production has a lesser impact on the environment.

In general, all proteins are used to provide our body with the essential amino acids for many important functions in our body. Plant proteins lack certain amino acids compared to those animals such as legumes do not contain the amino acid methionine – which instead is found in grains – which themselves are deficient in another amino acid, lysine, which is used in the same pulses. For this reason it is good practice to combine cereals and legumes : by doing so you will complete the framework of the amino acids that you need to stay healthy. Read more

Anti-inflammatory-based beverage of turmeric and almond milk


Thanks to the properties of its ingredients, this drink, as well as being anti-inflammatory, helps to strengthen the immune system. We can also take the opportunity to get an extra energy intake.

Inflammatory problems that affect health are the result of the imbalance caused by an infection or by a damaged tissue.

It is a defensive response of the body that usually is manifested by:

  • Episodes of pain
  • Heaviness in the joints
  • Difficulties in performing daily activities

It tends to affect the joints frequently, although it has a negative impact on muscle and circulatory system health.

Indeed, it is verified that the water retention has a lot to do with its appearance in various areas of the body.

Although in most cases disappears after a few days, some diseases can provoke recurrently, to such an extent as to compromise the quality of life.

Fortunately, there are natural methods 100%, the composition of which helps to control the symptoms before they occur complications.

Among these, we find a drink made of turmeric and almond milk, recognized for its nutritional value and its powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

In our space, we explain what it is and how to prepare it at home in a few simple steps.

Take note! Read more

The debate about protein? Just choose the right ones


Do you remember the war on fat? For years, the medical community has said that fats were our enemy number one, responsible for all manner of disease and that they went absolutely reduced. Heedless of the fact that calories taken with fat reduction were often retrieved with sugars, doctors have promoted for years the reduction of fat almost like a magic mantra to lose weight, prevent heart attacks, to reduce the risk of cancer.

At that time, few people were questioning if indeed the scientific data would confirm this thesis. As often happens in the history of science and medicine, the majority of experts do not necessarily supported the most correct theory but merely the most popular.

Similarly, for years doctors have suggested that muscles and brain serve sugar and that these differences do not hurt themselves, but are essential to feel energetic. So, on with pasta, bread, pizza, croissants, various cakes but, for heaven’s sake, no butter!

The emerging picture today is very different from that advocated for years and is now so strong that no one can, in good conscience, continue to deny it: fat not only do not hurt but they are essential for optimal health, even in moderate doses in their saturated version.

To observe the current fashionable crusade against the proteins seem to relive the history of fats. When we hear from ordinary people on the street “now everybody knows that the proteins are bad” is really to worry about! I remember how many times I’ve heard triumphantly from people who ate in a very bad way, “I do not assume anything of fat.” Read more

Fresh tomato and preserves, elixir of youth!

Fresh tomato

Always considered excellence agribusiness, the supply chain of canned tomatoes responds to a market demand increasingly high and growing, even at international level, not only for the quality of our product, but also for its extensive use in recipes, from first to second, to pizzas, and desserts.

The history of the tomato in glass, the past, whole and in pieces, does not begin on the shelves of supermarkets, rather in rural homes, especially in the south, between August and September, during which tradition provided you dedicate time to the production of ritual tomato sauce to be eaten later in the rest of the year. Today, that not everyone can allow himself such activities either for lack of time for which the energy for which, we find, in supermarkets, an extremely wide choice between past, pulp and concentrates, which differ in particular for the processing and the presence techniques of water. Read more

5 Colors of wellness for our body

Colors of wellness

It is not only a trademark of the National Union of Organizations of Fruit and Vegetable Producers, fruit to ensure the quality, origin and traceability of fruit and vegetables but also – especially we would say – of helpful advice on eating of fruits and vegetables daily to keep fit and maintain a good state of health and it is this aspect that intrigued us and we want to explore in this article.

As many of know, in fact, the regular consumption of fruit and vegetables greatly reduces the risk of chronic diseases. International organizations such as FAO and WHO, for example, recommended to eat at least 400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day, preferably in five different times of day. Not only that the psychological well-being is achieved by varying day by day the choice of fruits and vegetables, ensuring our body the daily requirement of certain substances.

All this is made possible by the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables grouped according to colors that distinguish them (hence the breakdown of 5 colors of well-being): the white, the blue-violet, the yellow-orange, the red and green.

Let’s find out each of these colors being… Read more

How do you know if you are lactose intolerant?


To make the body extra amounts of calcium, if you are lactose intolerant, you can eat other foods, such as salmon, leafy green vegetables and dried fruits.

Many say that lactose intolerance is a modern concept, perhaps due to the fact that dairy products always contain more harmful ingredients for our health. Perhaps, however, the problem is that we pay more attention to the symptoms or the effects that food triggers in our bodies and why we assume greater quantities than before. In any case, how do you know if you are lactose intolerant? Allow us to explain in this article.

What is meant by lactose intolerance?

Before determining whether or not we are lactose intolerant, you need to know some more information on this disorder that affects thousands of people around the world.

Intolerance is unleashed when you suffer from digestive problems after consumption of dairy products, especially milk, as well as other derivatives such as yogurt, milk cream, whipped cream, cheese, etc. This disorder is due to a deficiency of an enzyme known as lactose, produced in the gut and that has the ability to decompose lactose. Read more

How to prepare at home excellent re-hydration drink


The advice to prepare at home excellent isotonic drinks

You can achieve an energy drink re-hydrating homemade? Of course it does! We present 10 proposals, but the variations are many more, get jiggy!

Energy drink? Do it yourself!

The world of products dedicated to sport is truly immense and varied; an example is the endless variety of re-hydration and energy drinks on the market, all very effective and calibrated on specific needs that result from the practice of different physical activity (at least according to the claims their advertising slogan …).

But what not many know it is that you can get results more than satisfactory in terms of hydration and energy supply solutions even with do-it-yourself; often just a few simple ingredients, commonly available in the supermarket close to home, to create a custom energy drink to suit your taste and needs – plus spending very little! Why not try, then? Before I give you some recipes specifically, though, let’s do some clarity. Read more

Nuts for everyone, which is why we should eat them


Are good, nutritious and are good for our health is that our beauty is nuts. Commonly understood as the edible part of the walnut tree, they lend themselves well to being crunched as snacks and breakfast, alone or accompanied cereal or as an ingredient for sweet and savory preparations.

All thanks to an intense and particular taste that makes Walnut a versatile food. However, the taste is not the only positive aspect. This dry fruit, in fact, has many beneficial properties. Read more

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