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Stimulate Your Metabolism With These 6 Foods


When you want to maintain or lose weight, it is essential to have a healthy metabolism. Stimulate your metabolism with these ingredients.


Apple vinegar stimulates metabolism in an excellent manner. Not only it helps to regulate the digestive system and the levels of blood sugar, but also stimulates metabolism, even long after consumption. Read more

What is Cosmetic dentistry?


Cosmetic dentistry describes any dental procedure that is designed to improve the physical appearance of the teeth. It may have some other positive effects, but that is the main purpose. The technology and science surrounding cosmetic dentistry have improved vastly in recent years. It is now more affordable and accessible than ever. Many general dentists offer these kinds of services. Read more

Pain in the neck? 3 easy remedies to better face the winter


The neck pain is usually localized to the neck but sometimes it can also radiate to the arms and shoulders and, in the worst phase, can cause dizziness and nausea.

It can depend on strokes of fresh or bad posture, but you should not underestimate the influence of the emotional sphere in this field. Stress, in fact, is often a major cause of cervical, so it is important to follow some good habits and a proper lifestyle.

If you want to try to avoid or limit your intake of painkillers, there are some very simple remedies and natural to watch. Read more

Forbidden foods diet


To lose weight is useful to know the forbidden foods diet. This article tells us that foods are and why we should avoid them.

Processed foods

The first forbidden foods diet are processed, without hesitation are the first that we cross off our shopping list: besides being loaded with fat, sugar and salt, contain a host of additives (colorants, thickeners, acidifies, preservatives, flavors, etc.) that our body cannot digest and accumulate as toxins.

Our body in its infinite wisdom, try to isolate these toxins do not harm us. But … do you know how? Accumulated liquids and fat! Therefore, we can say that a bloated body is a toxic body. Read more

AIDS: Transmission and Survival


The transmission of HIV involves the acquisition of the viral infection from which you will never heal. The late stage of HIV infection is the full-blown disease, or the AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrom), phase in which the manifestation of symptoms has a strong impact on the body.

HIV is a retrovirus, that is a virus that has RNA as genetic material, but to complete the infective cycle, must transform the RNA into DNA, through a process known as reverse transcription.

After, the infection HIV attacks and weakens the immune system, rapidly multiplying in the blood. When the body begins to react to the infection, flu-like symptoms appear. For a longer or shorter period, the antibodies can cope with the infection but, little by little, the immune system is weakened and no longer able to fight the virus. The late stage of infection (AIDS) sees the decline of CD4 lymphocytes that are no longer able to defend the body from certain types of infections and diseases. Read more

Some Facts about Smart Drugs and How It Can Help the Brain


People benefit much on the functionality of the brain. Since great minds think better, an increasing number of individuals throughout the world today are in need of help in the improvement of brain functions and memory retention. There are a lot of smart drugs available in the market now but it is important to know which one is best to choose. Before you can do so, knowing the facts about smart drugs will give you better understanding of why you will need smart drugs and how one can help you. You may also like to visit Read more

Brain Supplements Because Great Minds Think


Memory problems had been always one issue linked to aging. Many aged people complain of losing memory or forgetting much of what they encountered before. Based on researches, it is observed that most grown ups reaching the age of 40 seem to have lost 30% of their memory and brain’s sharp functions. Because of this, the power of the brain to think, to rationalize, and to make wise decisions is affected, hence it is important to consider brain supplements to enhance memory and improve brain functions. To learn more please visit Read more

Modafinil For Brain Functions and Sleeping Disorder


Sleep is important to everybody because it is the only time or period that the mind and body can rest. This is the right time where your body can gain teh energy lost within the day. There are people who have a good sleeping habit while some people are having difficulty to sleep. These people are suffering from sleep disorders. There are reasons why some people are having difficulty in sleeping. For instance, some people who are very busy have sleep problems or disorders. This is also true to people who work on night shifts. While some people fall asleep easily the moment their head touches the pillow, some people just don’t know what to do how to fall asleep. Another sleeping disorder that needs attention is too much sleeping. It is called Narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a chronic disease of the nervous system. A Person who has this disease shows excessive daytime sleep; loss of muscle tone; hallucinations; sleep paralysis; disturbed nocturnal sleep and automatic behavior. Narcolepsy usually begins at a young age and can happen to both sexes. Find more info at Read more

Contact Lenses: Myths and wearing rules


Contact lenses have long ceased to inspire fear: discomfort, dryness, nursing care – all these problems are left behind due to modern technologies of production. We say that you need to know about a new generation of lenses.

The first contact lenses were about 1940 and made of organic glass. Needless to say that these lenses are uncomfortable and require considerable effort to maintain their purity.

Fortunately, in 1960 a scientist Otto Wichterle created the first soft contact lenses of innovative polymer – hydrogel that has the ability to absorb water (38%), after which it becomes soft and elastic. Read more

Nuts for everyone, which is why we should eat them


Are good, nutritious and are good for our health is that our beauty is nuts. Commonly understood as the edible part of the walnut tree, they lend themselves well to being crunched as snacks and breakfast, alone or accompanied cereal or as an ingredient for sweet and savory preparations.

All thanks to an intense and particular taste that makes Walnut a versatile food. However, the taste is not the only positive aspect. This dry fruit, in fact, has many beneficial properties. Read more

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