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Superfoods, you really have powers?


They are fashionable for a few years for its beneficial properties and high nutritional value. We tell how much truth there as a “super” refers.

Caring for food is something that more and more people are pointing meet the properties of food, follow a healthy diet, inform us of the latest advances in nutrition … In this favorable environment, for quite a while, publications tell us superfoods frequently as products with a higher nutritional value, which makes them especially beneficial to health . Are they really so wonderful? We’ll tell you then.

What are Superfoods?

According to study there is no official definition for superfoods, but generally use this term to refer to foods that are differentiated by their nutritional potential, and its high concentration of vitamins, healthy or antioxidants fats. Read more

The control and management of arthritis


Arthritis is not a single disease but rather a group of conditions that affect the health of the bone joints in the body. These disorders are referred arthritic diseases.

They include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, which are autoimmune diseases
  • septic arthritis, caused by joint infection
  • Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease

There are several possible causes of arthritis and that shows that can be caused by sprains and injuries from repetitive motion, sports, overexertion, and falls. Next to the pain that can be caused by a single movement, arthritic joints may be sensitive to climate change. The increased sensitivity is thought to be caused by the affected joints developing extra nerve endings and in an attempt to protect the joint from further damage. Arthritis limits it everyday activities such as walking, dressing and bathing.


Osteoarthritis is the most common one of medical conditions. About 43 million people have arthritis or other rheumatic diseases. Arthritis is actually the leading cause of disability, limiting the activities of more than 16 million adults. Arthritis results in 39 million physician visits and more than half a million hospitalizations each year. Women are affected by osteoarthritis little more often than men. Read more

Remedies for dry, dehydrated skin

Dry Skin

This article offers remedies for dry, dehydrated skin. They are very easy to follow tips that will help us look great skin.

What do you expect to protect your skin?

After the summer season, with all that entails enjoy the most anticipated season (swimming pools, beaches, exposure to prolonged sun, dietary change, etc.) it is time to renew our skin and prepare it for the winter, which not forget also wreaks havoc on our skin.

How to detect dry skin, dehydrated or cracked?

The most obvious symptoms of dry, dehydrated skin are: lack of light, excessive dryness, peeling, wrinkles and dark spots due to prolonged sun exposure without adequate prevention. Read more

Eight original recipes with pumpkin, to take advantage of this seasonal vegetable

Pumpkin recipe

Pumpkin is one of the vegetables that we can leverage for these months to get good nutrients and a pleasant sweet taste in our dishes, so, we leave eight original recipes with pumpkin that will help you incorporate more this food to your table.

Original recipes with pumpkin

To vary our dishes and not just make a puree, soup or stew with pumpkin, you have some recipes originals that you can try at home to reinvent the use of this vegetable. Read more

Is it safe to eat regularly at restaurants?

Eat Regularly

We tend to believe that homemade food is healthier than go eat at a fast food place, but what about the other restaurants? Are they healthier than the fast foods? Is it better to prepare food at home? Let’s see some findings of an American study conducted on this issue, and review some advantages and disadvantages of eating out.

Eating out is more caloric

According to one study by the University of Illinois, eating out, whether in traditional restaurants or fast food means eating average about 200 calories more than if you eat at home. When we compared to the article where relationships calories and lowering and lifting weight, eat 40 times out fat one kilogram involve more (or lose a kilogram less) than if those meals had been done at home. It may seem little, but if you go 3 or 4 times a month to the restaurant, after 10 years could have 10 kilos more. Read more

5 reasons to lighten your hair

lighten your hair

Do you want to change the color of your hair? Opt for the blond. There are so many reasons to lighten hair. That’s why the blond like.


The blond hair is bleached or sun and summer. For best results, consult an expert hairdresser and do explain all the possibilities and techniques. Keep in mind with the fact that the blond lightens further to the sun. So it will intensify during the holidays by the sea. Read more

Make up, care of facial skin and body during pregnancy

Make up in pregnancy

As soon as he discovers she is pregnant, arriving passed the checks to do and things to avoid, to preserve the health of the baby during pregnancy and during lactation.

Alongside the imperative of always valid “Nothing categorical alcohol and no smoking”, it also adds to the list of “beauty actions” banned during the nine-month pregnant: it must be emphasized that pregnancy is not the enemy of beauty, indeed!

In the months of pregnancy can be cured and beautiful from head to toe, you can do everything but carefully choosing the products.

This is because, while entering in a particular period, every woman must continue to take care of your body, its image and its beauty. Read more

Hygiene measures and treatment of salmonellosis


Then we will see the treatment of salmonellosis based mainly on proper diet and most interesting medicinal plants.

What is Salmonellosis?

Salmonellosis is a zoonosis that is caused by the Salmonella bacteria, foodborne. You can produce acute poisoning outbreaks due to contaminated food.

generally affects the intestinal tract and sometimes can reach the bloodstream. Anyone can get salmonellosis but is much more common in infants and children. Read more

10 Tricks to keep the beautiful hands and young

beautiful hands

Given that our hands need constant hydration, try to take with you a bottle of cream to apply after washing hands or when you notice particularly dry.

The hands are our calling card, as well as our most daily working tool. From the first moment, getting up from the bed, our hands begin to play infinity of activities that end only when we go back to bed.

At the same time, they are exposed to different environmental factors and elements that can damage them and cause various alterations.

Taking into account the importance in our daily lives and the way we treat them (and sometimes mistreat), we must pay every day to our hands some special attention to keep them beautiful and young.

Today we will share some of their own care, tricks and treatments to be applied regularly in the house so as not to neglect this so delicate part of the body. Read more

Stuffy nose and runny: Welcome cold!

Stuffy nose

The continuous temperature changes to which are ultimately subjected due to a climate rather unstable and variable, can have also very annoying repercussions on our health with the appearance, for example, the common cold.

Runny nose, continuous sneezing and the terrible feeling of having “stuffy nose” forces us to breathe bad: we feel as “apnea” and are forced to use your mouth, subjecting our respiratory tract at constant stress.

Not only that nasal obstruction, if not treated properly, it gets worse when we lie down, thus increasing respiratory distress and causing a disturbed sleep that produces snoring and sleep apnea phenomena.

The common cold is a very common disease of viral origin that affects every adult on average two or three times a year, generating inflammation of the nasal mucosa and throat. Read more

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