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6 good reasons to drink in the morning warm water

drink in the morning warm water

The human body is mostly made up of water and, for this reason; this precious liquid is an indispensable source from which to draw, to keep the body healthy. These benefits are also taking on water when it is hot.

Just think of how it is precisely the hot water, which is used to make tea or hot coffee, the food that is consumed to wake up, just got out of bed in the morning. It is the Ayurvedic medicine to assert that water is better to take it at higher temperatures, contrary to what usually happens. In fact, when the liquid has been heated, it is able to go to aid digestion, reduce metabolic wastes, but it could also have positive effects on our immune system.

The Dr. Stella Metsovas, clinical nutritionist and media health expert in food science and nutrition, says how to drink in the morning, hot water and lemon, as with the tea, will lead to the reduction of free radicals in the body.

On the contrary, in fact, the cold water, not rich in minerals, is not going to help digestion, to the point that Dr. Metsovas advises against the consumption at least 20 minutes before you start eating.

 drink in the morning warm water
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6 good reasons to consume hot water

Take hot water brings the following benefits to our body …

  1. It helps digestion
  2. It helps those who suffer from constipation
  3. It functions as a painkiller
  4. It helps blood circulation
  5. It helps you lose weight
  6. It helps to age in the best way

We analyze together all these aspects.

1) The hot water promotes digestion

To eliminate all the toxins that accumulate during the night, it will help a cup of very hot water, barely awake drunk. In fact, if you already water helps to better digest, that warm allows you to do it faster. By contrast, in fact, that the cold or ice water may promote a stagnation of fat in the digestive tract, because they are lacking the natural minerals, which are contained in the liquid and that are felled at low temperature.

2) Take warm water helps those who suffer from constipation

If the stomach does not work well, although the intestine is affected. When you experience difficulties during the evacuation, but also the swelling, it is because in our bodies there is the right amount of water.

To this can be beneficial to drink in the morning, a nice glass of hot water, which is to facilitate the intestinal traffic. By stimulating the gut allow the body to start working correctly.

3) Drink hot water helps to combat pain

For those who suffer from headaches or menstrual pain it will be interesting to know that hot water is the most powerful natural remedy for their care. In fact, this has the power to go to act as a calming and relaxing the muscles of the abdomen, which reduce the pain, very quickly, going to increase the blood flow to the skin.

If you want to avoid taking medications, this could be an excellent alternative to soothe the pain.

4) The hot water use to improve blood circulation

One of the powers of water when it is hot, is to go to eliminate toxins from the blood and consequently to go to improve the circulation. With a simple gesture, such as drinking a glass of water, going to do really good to your body.

5) Losing weight, drinking warm water

Take water, which is at least warm in the morning it helps to increase your metabolic rate and thus lose weight. In fact, in this way the body will burn more calories, helping the kidneys and digestive system to work better.

6) Hot and Aging

How to grow in the best possible way is the concern of all of us, and even more so for a woman. A nice glass of hot water and helps eliminate all the toxins from the body, which can be the cause of premature aging.

In this way, the cells begin to breathe better and the skin appears more elastic and radiant. The doctor adds that women, during aging, must also deal with hormones and drink a glass of warm water may help.

A tip for all evening drinkers of hot water is to always ask your doctor if this does not create problems with regard to the effectiveness of drugs that possibly are taking.

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