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How to prepare at home excellent re-hydration drink


The advice to prepare at home excellent isotonic drinks

You can achieve an energy drink re-hydrating homemade? Of course it does! We present 10 proposals, but the variations are many more, get jiggy!

Energy drink? Do it yourself!

The world of products dedicated to sport is truly immense and varied; an example is the endless variety of re-hydration and energy drinks on the market, all very effective and calibrated on specific needs that result from the practice of different physical activity (at least according to the claims their advertising slogan …).

But what not many know it is that you can get results more than satisfactory in terms of hydration and energy supply solutions even with do-it-yourself; often just a few simple ingredients, commonly available in the supermarket close to home, to create a custom energy drink to suit your taste and needs – plus spending very little! Why not try, then? Before I give you some recipes specifically, though, let’s do some clarity.

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What should not be missing in an isotonic drink?

Isotonic drinks are so called because, having the same concentration of fluids and minerals in the human blood, are easily absorbed and provide immediately usable substances: ideal when the body is under stress and needs a quick replenishment of nutrients and energy. These beverages should therefore not be too concentrated, but must contain in the right doses minerals (which are dispersed in large amounts with the sweat) and sugar (which give energy recharge).

Now that we understand what should not be lacking in our re-hydrating drinks, let’s give you some ideas to easily prepare at home.

Simple version …

In one liter of water, melt 30 grams of sugar, half a teaspoon of baking soda tea, and another half a teaspoon of table salt, then add the juice of a lemon (or orange). You will thus obtain, with very few ingredients and very quickly, a perfect supply of oral re-hydration drink that will provide you with the necessary elements. Not bad, eh?

… With a twist

But if you do not want to give up a little ‘more taste, you can always replace the water in the previous proposal with the same amount of decaffeinated tea. Use it obviously fresh, but not cold: those who tried to drink a cold drink after exercise is well aware of what risks we speak …

For daily re-hydration

You only need a glass of water, the juice of a lemon slice and a pinch of cayenne pepper: mix together and the result will be an excellent energy drink do-it-yourself, ideal for any time of the day. Remember also that among the virtues of cayenne pepper is the beneficial action against circulatory system, so with this drink you ensure a healthy heart!

Recharge with taste

Prepare a drink of water, a half tablespoon of honey, the juice of one lemon, a pinch of salt and full of raspberry juice. The latter serves more than anything else in the whole season does, while the quenches lemon and honey provides energy ready for use.

Energy long, with only two ingredients

Whisk together five peeled oranges and three tablespoons of cold-pressed linseed oil with the addition of a glass of water. In this way, you have used in practice only two ingredients in exchange for vitamins and minerals (the orange contain good doses of potassium, magnesium and B vitamins) and a reserve of long-term energy (flax seed oil in fact, it slows the release of sugar part of the fruit in the blood).

For the pre- and post-workout

Pour half a teaspoon of spirulina algae powder in half a liter of coconut water and shake well for … voila! The coconut water is already in itself an isotonic drink, while the spirulina there will supply of salts, essential amino acids and vitamins (if the flavor of this alga is not to your liking, use the version of Spirulina in capsules, to be taken always together with the water coconut). The ideal solution for the phases before and after physical activity.

Banana power / 1

The banana is an important source of potassium, which is one of the minerals that we lose a greater percentage when the body is under stress; this result therefore stands as a perfect ingredient for re-hydration drinks do-it-yourself to be taken after training, so restoring the lost minerals. A first proposal to banana basis provides for the use of 4 whole fruit, two tufts of clean fresh spinach and comminuted and about 700 ml of water; simply mix all together and you have a full of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium!

Banana power / 2

Not just for sports: if you look for an oral re-hydration drink and refreshing to enjoy every day, take a ripe banana, milk and ice cream (flavor to taste) and shake it together. In this case, it is not a solution indicated in combination with physical activity but an option recommended for those hot summer days where the risk of dehydration is always around the corner.

Banana power / 3

Vegetables and fruit to start the day with the right energy thanks to the vegetable protein here is the third version of the Energy drink made of banana. Whisk together a ripe banana, 30 grams of almonds, 250 ml of almond milk, one vegetable yogurt, a tablespoon of flax seed and two chopped kale leaves … and you’re done!

Tutti Frutti

Our latest proposal brings together a number of high rate of vitamin food: pineapple (4 slices), orange juice (one tablespoon), dates (only one, fragmented) and the apple (the middle of the fruit into cubes); then add a stalk of celery and fruitfuller everything together with 250 ml of water. Refreshing and energetic!

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