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Drinking lots of water is good for your diet!

Drinking water

When you’re dieting, one of the recommendations is that all will turn to drink so much water, but unfortunately there are people who have never thirsty! Why is it so important to drink a lot? And what strategies can be adopted to be able to drink more to keep you healthy and lose weight?

How much water you need to drink during the day?

The amount of water to drink in a day depends on many factors. The age, the work activity carried out, the physically inactive, the presence or absence of disease, the season (climate and humidity). However, in general, it is good to drink at least 1.5 / 2 liters of water per day. Read more

The benefits of a balanced diet for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

Group NC Health adds to the awareness campaign on the occasion of World Day of Multiple Sclerosis held today and proposes a set of guidelines to follow in the beneficial feed for this disease.

It is very important that people with this disease avoid overweight and constipation, two factors that can cause severe symptoms in this disease. Thus, we must consider the following in order to get a varied and balanced diet:


Animal proteins and vegetable proteins equally be consumed. Rehabilitates bread and dried beans (cooked with little fat, if possible, better oil with sausages). The mixture of wheat flakes, barley, and whole oats is a source very rich in protein suitable for breakfast. We tone down the consumption of meat and meat products. Read more

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