5 good reasons why you should drink water with cucumber and lemon

cucumber and lemon

In addition to hydrate, water with cucumber and lemon gives us vitamins and minerals that help control hunger and also nourish the skin and purify us.

We propose to take for 10 days in a row two glasses of water with cucumber and lemon. Not only do you get to keep your body well hydrated, but also your whole body will notice adequate benefits.

If you prefer, you can make a pitcher with a liter of very fresh water. It is an excellent snack that will appeal to the whole family and also is so healthy and natural that can become undoubtedly a very original drink for the summer.

Today in our space we give you 5 good reasons today to prepare this wonderful combination.

cucumber and lemon
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Benefits of water with cucumber and lemon

In recent years it has become increasingly popular flavors waters. In our stores we can find many types of bottled water flavored with lemon, orange, melon…

We sell under the label of “healthy water” but in reality, its composition is not all right to expect.

  • The supermarket flavored water contains sucralose (an artificial sweetener known as Splenda)
  • Another common element in this bottled water is acesulfame potassium, another artificial sweetener that also food colors are added that make these drinks something attractive, but not exactly healthy.

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So … Why not prepare ourselves? With a couple of cucumbers, lemon juice and a liter of water going to get a refreshing and very beneficial remedy. We explain why.

1. An adequate supply of vitamins

Water is vital for the body, but by itself is not a great source of vitamins. Now, just add juice with a cucumber and a lemon amazing things change shape.

  • Let’s get an adequate intake of vitamin A and vitamin C .
  • Vitamin E is one of the best antioxidants that we will get this water with cucumber and lemon.
  • We get protect cells from external aggressions, such as pollution or smoke snuff.
  • Another fact to keep in mind is that the contribution to minerals and vitamins basis of this drink is great to prevent the formation of blood clots.

2. We will lower blood pressure

Nothing better than to get home and take a glass of water with cucumber and lemon coldish, something you may like to know however that is thanks to these natural components will regulate the blood pressure.

Cucumber hydrates us and provides potassium, very suitable to support circulation and proper functioning of the heart. In addition, it relaxes muscles and promotes cardiac impulse.

  1. Regulates hunger

Both cucumber and lemon are satiating. However, to benefit from this natural remedy is not suitable to drink this water during meals.

If they do difficulty the digestion. Therefore, it is always better to take it throughout the day, or two hours before or after each meal. Thereby satiating feeling and get a much better’ll hold until lunchtime.

4. Water with cucumber and lemon care of your skin

  • Something as essential as keeping hydrated is one of the keys to enjoy, smoother, younger skin more elastic.
  • Cucumbers are our best allies for the skin. We can consume or even apply on the skin to relax the stress, poor circulation or fluid retention.
  • We cannot forget that cucumbers are rich in silicon, a mineral that purges toxins and allows us, for example, combat acne or inflammation.
  • If we also add a little lemon juice we get cleanse the body, and this will result in a reflection of wellness and beauty in our skin.

5. Strengthen the liver

If you want to pamper your liver does not hesitate to drink water with cucumber and lemon. It’s a wonderful place to moisturize, cleanse, relieve congestion and optimize liver functions tonic.

  • The subtle but perfect combination of vitamins A, B and C, plus minerals like calcium, phosphorus and potassium, care for liver cells to the point of favoring their regeneration.
  • If you suffer, for example, fatty liver, this drink is the best you can consume.

It is a natural remedy capable of inflammation, to reduce the burden of fat and help you lose weight long as you combine it with proper diet and some exercise.

Thus, we suggest you always look natural and organically grown foods when preparing these beverages. If you take water with cucumber and lemon over 10 days in a row, your body is going to notice.

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