5 most effective pre-holiday diets

pre-holiday diets

How to sit on a well-known diet, while not denying yourself in your favorite dishes and not harming your health?

Mono-diet – one of the favorite options to lose weight, when the account goes on a minute. The most effective of them are rice and buckwheat.

According to the rice diet, during the day you can eat just one glass of unsalted boiled rice, dividing it into scanty portions and washing down with water or vegetable juice. This is a serious stress for the body, so it is strictly recommended not to adhere to such a diet for more than three days: it can cause insomnia, constipation and add occasions to fall into winter depression.

In addition, all these tortures will allow you to lose not more than 4 kilograms. At the same time, it will be extremely difficult to keep the weight taken, because the organism frightened by an emergency starvation will again begin to form an “inviolable reserve”.

But to lose two kilograms, following this diet and not risking health, it is quite possible. Dilute rice gloom with a low-calorie vegetable salad, for example, from lemon juice sprinkled with fresh cucumbers, cabbage and bell pepper, and you eat a porridge with tomato paste – it will be much tastier!

Buckwheat diet is quite another matter. It is designed for two weeks and promises a loss of up to ten kilograms of weight. But can you eat only unsalted buckwheat? Combine it with low-calorie vegetables: onions, cherry tomatoes, broccoli.

pre-holiday diets
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Salt Free Diet

Refusal of salt is the requirement of most diets. You can replace it with herbs and condiments. For example, sprinkle a dish with a mix of dried ground red sweet pepper, green coriander and dried flax seed in equal parts. Or a mixture of ground sea kale, parsley and dried flax seed. Or red dry bitter ground pepper with herbs and dill hazelnuts.

Multicolored Diet

The essence of multicolored diet is, to use the products of the same color on the same day.

For example, on Monday, give preference to dishes from products of white color – rice, chicken breast, onions, fermented milk products, white tea, color and white cabbage, egg white, white beans, garlic.

Tuesday will be an orange day – lentils and dry peas, bell peppers, carrots, tangerines, oranges, dried apricots, pumpkin.

On Wednesday, all the products on your table will be purple: beans, eggplants, basil, grapes, prunes, red onions and cabbage, beets.

Thursday turns into green tones: lentils, bell peppers, radish, broccoli, green beans, parsley, onions, ramson, dill, zucchini, coriander, celery, lettuce, lime, kiwi, mint, pesto, pistachio, green tea.

In the Friday diet, let the yellow predominate: pyshenka, Bulgarian pepper, oranges, grapefruits, cheese, lemons, bananas, egg yolk.

Saturday will be in the beige-brown range: buckwheat, caramelized onion, soy sauce, ginger, cocoa, nuts, coffee, and cinnamon.

And Sunday will turn red: beans, tomatoes, fish, Bulgarian pepper, pomegranates, natural ketchup, cranberries, karkade tea.

After such a rich in “healthy” substance “abstinence” spring avitaminosis will not be terrible, even if instead of fresh vegetables and berries use frozen fruits from proven producers, for example , “4 seasons” or Hortex.

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