How to lose weight with the help of cardio


For many, cardio is associated with various physical exercises aimed at strengthening the heart muscle. And they are not mistaken. Competently organized cardio-surgery is the key to success in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, fitness specialists came to a common opinion that this type of training helps most effectively burn calories and fight with extra pounds. But before running to the gym, let’s figure out what cardio training is and how they help people lose weight.

Cardio – What is it?

Cardio-loads, or as they are called, cardio – is a whole complex of exercises that strengthen the heart muscle, develop endurance, and also reduce the total body weight.

They help to accelerate metabolism, saturate tissues with oxygen, and promote the recovery of the body after exercise.

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Cardio, along with a balanced diet, contribute to weight loss, while retaining muscle.

For people who are just starting to play sports, cardio is an ideal option.

Cardio-training can be called running, aerobics, swimming, skiing, biking, etc. You can choose for yourself the appropriate type of training, but you must consider that they all differ in the degree of workload.

Of course, you can adjust your menu and thus get rid of a certain amount of subcutaneous fat. But, if you want to have a fit, beautiful figure, then without such training you cannot do.

Types of Cardio

Depending on the goals that you set for yourself, there will be a different type of cardio training. For weight loss, it is desirable to perform cardio before the force load.

To increase stamina and develop muscles, it is necessary to alternate aerobic loads with force, gradually increasing their intensity. And it is necessary to balance nutrition! Wrong food will negate all your results, no matter how hard you train.

Currently, fitness trainers, depending on the degree of fitness of the client, are recommended by three programs of cardio loads …

  • Low: For people who have just started training, as well as people who have health restrictions. In this case, the pulse rate should not exceed 65% of the maximum (the simplest formula: the maximum pulse for your age is 220 minus the age in years). For example, for a 45-year-old beginner, the allowable heart rate with a low cardiovascular load is 114 beats per minute (65% of 175 beats per minute).
  • Average: For those who set the goal to burn fat. The pulse rate should not be above 70% of the maximum allowed for your age. Approximately this level can be determined by the ability to maintain a conversation without choking while exercising on the simulator. Do not forget that fat begins to be consumed only after 20 minutes of cardio, therefore, the duration of training should necessarily be more.
  • High: Recommended to experienced athletes. Most often goes in combination with low and medium loads to increase the total time of training, increase stamina and strengthen muscles. The pulse rate is allowed within 80-85% of the maximum within 10-20 repetitions.
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Cardio for Weight Loss

The human body in the process of active movement causes the heart to work intensively and accelerate metabolism. After twenty minutes of cardio loads, the calories are being intensively consumed. Moreover, this is not due to sugar in the blood, but due to fat deposits that serve as a food for muscles. Therefore, if the goal is to lose weight, then you need to either increase the cardio time – up to 45 minutes, or perform it immediately after the force load. In this case, the fat mass will decrease and the muscle mass will increase.

Another thing to remember is that the key to success in losing weight with cardio is not the type of training, but its duration and, to a greater extent, the heart rate. But the main thing here is not to overdo it. The load on the body should increase gradually.

In the fight against excess weight, one should not ignore force loads. Training for the development of strength contributes to increasing the pulse rate, therefore, training, which includes various types of exercise, will help you maximize calories.

The fastest way to get rid of fat is to competently combine the power load with the cardio. You can, for example, first engage in power training from half an hour to an hour and a half. And then proceed to aerobic, which should last 25-35 minutes.

We must not forget that with the help of cardio we burn calories. Therefore, this tactic will be effective only when the consumption of calories is less than their consumption.

Cardio can be performed in many ways. A long workout of medium load is possible, which should not take more than 55 minutes.

But one of the most effective types of cardio is considered interval, when the maximum load alternates with a low one. Thus, in a short period of time, the greatest number of calories is burned.

But you need to understand that you cannot realize yourself as an athlete and bodybuilder at the same time. Classes on the treadmill will interfere with the development of muscle mass, and vice versa, doing exercises on power simulators will lower your endurance. Therefore, before you cross the threshold of the gym, you will need to decide on your goals.

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Your Choice

Before the start of training, it is necessary to visit a doctor who will determine your level of preparedness and indicate the need for restrictions (if any). The second step on the road to success is the choice of a qualified coach. It, depending on your individual characteristics, will pick up the optimal set of exercises and will correct it when certain progress is made.

Often it is recommended for beginners 2-3 workouts per week for 40 minutes or an hour. If desired, their frequency can be increased by reducing the intensity of the loads. If your food contains a low amount of carbohydrates, high-intensity loads are not recommended.

Otherwise, you can earn yourself a number of problems – from fatigue and unwillingness to continue studies to more serious health problems. During training, be sure to watch the frequency of your heart rate.

Adhering to these simple recommendations, you will definitely achieve your goal on the way to the ideal!

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