Green tea, red tea, black tea or white tea?

Green tea

Tea is a Chinese traditional drink, now widespread and consumed around the world.

One can distinguish different types of tea although resulting from the same plant, or from the plant known by the name of Camellia sinensis; what differentiates them from each other are the origins of the plant, the collection and the manufacturing process.

Then we go to discover the main differences and the medicinal properties of the most popular tea!

Green tea
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Green tea and properties

Much appreciated for its variety and its flavors.

In general, all types of green tea have the following properties: diuretic, depurative (anti- cholesterol) and antioxidant. Also, being rich in fluoride, they help to prevent cavities.

There are in fact different types, one better than the other and with slightly different characteristics but of fundamental importance:

Gunpowder (China), is derived from the leaves of the first harvest, and the most common and drank in the world; rich in caffeine, it stimulates the nervous system and metabolism.

Bancha (Japan), obtained from the leaves and twigs collected when the plant has now 3 years, with an intense taste; toasted named Tea Hojicha. Rich in minerals such as magnesium, fluorine, potassium and calcium, low in caffeine. Useful for sleep disorders, mild depression, physical fatigue and anxiety as it acts as a tonic and calming the nervous system.

Kukic, contains only roasted twigs of Bancha tea that can be reused up to three times a day, from the refreshing taste reminiscent of citrus fruits. Almost devoid of protein and caffeine, which is also rich in minerals, it has the same properties of Bancha tea.

Sencha (Japan), is obtained from the first harvest of the year, with a sweet, delicate flavor. Rich in minerals, chlorophyll and caffeine. Stimulating the nervous system and metabolism, it is used a lot in slimming diets to burn fat.

Matcha (Japan), is obtained from the leaves that grow in the shade (for this is very expensive), then reduced to powder (not a simple extract, using all parts of the leaf). It has a strong flavor, low in caffeine and rich in antioxidants. Unlike other green tea is used in the kitchen to prepare especially sweet, because it can be diluted in water.

Red tea properties

Native to China, the most famous is the tea Pu-erh tea, green tea is a fermented in barrels just like it were wine. It has a content higher caffeine green tea and a strong flavor. It has properties stimulating the nervous system, digestive, anti-oxidants and fat burning.

Black tea and properties

It is a type of tea that has undergone a complete oxidation process. It contains antioxidants for this but it is very rich in caffeine, almost like a coffee. One of the best known is the black tea Darjeeling (India), with an intense flavor. It stimulates the nervous system and metabolism, very good fat burner, good digestion; unlike coffee, the caffeine of this tea has a gradual effect over time.

Some teas may be obtained by mixing different types of blacks teas (tea Inglese B) or mixing the black tea with bergamot flowers (tea Earl Grey).

White tea and properties

It is a type of tea following an artisan process and this is usually more expensive and high quality. The most famous is the tea Pai Mu Tan, obtained from the tender shoots of the tea plant, memo white.

Low in caffeine, a sweet and aromatic flavor, not bitter with the greatest amount of antioxidants than other types of tea. Rich addition to magnesium and amino acid theanine (calming the nervous system), it’s great for stress and anxiety.

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