Summer is coming, let’s keep in shape


The birds began to sing, the days have become longer, the sun began to warm days and take away the greyness of winter. Finally, all we feel more energized, with more desire to do and explore.

We are very close to the much-awaited summer, the time of year we all dream of and we look forward to, thanks to holidays we’re all waiting for a whole year. Finally, just missing and needed rest will be ours!

All beautiful, all good but as soon as we stop to think about what it takes to heat, summer, the sun and the sea, a shiver runs us back: the dreaded swimsuit season is upon us! And now, how do I overcome it free, certain of having done everything possible to reach our best form? No problem, we take care to give you some advice!

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Eat healthy, drink and lots of sport

We know, these are phrases feel resentful for hundreds of times, repeated for years, always with the same frequency at the same time and always with the same advice. But, unfortunately, if you want to get to the summer in the form, there is no magic wand, and the only solution is the commitment and the desire to reach an optimal result for us, not for what the papers say and fashion magazines. Because unfortunately, not all, by nature, are intended to have the flat stomach and slender and long legs, those are things that are gifts of nature, but nothing forbids us to improve our physical and reach a form that makes us feel good with ourselves, regardless of what others think. And so, here we are to the usual advice: eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink a lot, eliminating sodas and sugary, very limiting alcohol and sweets, concederesi some pasta for lunch, maybe not every day, but three times a week, it can meas limited, prefer white meat to red ones and eating a lot of fish.

So far the diet we know it all. There are those who follow more or less literally, those who try to follow those on the internet (strongly discouraged thing, since the diets on the internet are not tailored to the person who is trying to lose weight), and who, more wisely, it caters to a dietitian, who finds diet tailored to the person concerned based on their own needs.

But even those who do not want to lose weight very properly, but simply get back into shape, he already knows what he can and cannot eat, and what things maybe you should limit a little more, even without following a strict diet.

Along with diet, however, you need to exercise, better diversified. Let’s see what can help us keep fit without too become stressed.

Zumba, water aerobics and group sports!

To be able to play sports and to practice it with perseverance, we have to find the right one for us. Some people prefer to train in solitude, doing an aerobic workout like running to lose weight, and those who prefer group activities, which stimulate him to do better and to play even more.

We are fans of the group, and we believe that activities like yoga, zumba, water aerobics or team sports like volleyball and soccer, help to stay in form also fun and, most of the time, not there will not even realize you do sports! No matter you do an aerobic or anaerobic workout for weight loss, the important thing is that you move there, coming out of the usual lack of exercise, fun.

The zumba , for example, is a great way to work out, have fun and socializing: you move to the music, following the choreography that even if you can not, that’s okay, just you to move and have fun (so you are not a dance course) .At the end of the lesson, you’ll feel loads and full of energy, as if you had not toiled and sweated for 45 minutes straight, but you will be comfortable with yourself and with others.

We have several friends and friends who attend zumba classes for several years, at least twice a week, and when we hear them speaking of this activity, say they would never give up their time and half settlement vent and personal entertainment. This activity has allowed them to know so many nice people, making new friends.

Let’s face it: after doing sports, we feel better because we know we have done something good for ourselves, and we feel proud of the efforts there to keep fit, not only physically but also just from a health point of view.

Same for the water aerobics in the pool, or for group sports, as well as make you sweat, lose weight and tone, make you feel good about yourself and with others, helping to socialize.

So do not be afraid sport or diet, or it may be exhausting to play sports. Do not take them only as things to be done necessarily to lose weight, take them as something you need to have fun and be around people, meeting new people, and you will see that your physical and your social life will thank you.

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