How to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis knee

osteoarthritis knee

The Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that causes cartilage wear. It is a disease that can cause functional disability, and mainly affects the joint cartilage, very often the hands, knees, hips and spine.

There are few cases where a knee osteoarthritis become so severe as to make it difficult to perform daily activities, but in the worst cases it becomes a disabling and crippling disease, and it may be even needed a knee replacement.

Those suffering from osteoarthritis and what are the symptoms?

Contrary to popular belief, arthritis is not exclusively a disease of old age: anyone can develop it regardless of age, but what is certain is that with increasing age increases its frequency, and is more common in women and in genetically predisposed individuals.

One of the most feared symptoms of osteoarthritis is pain, which in its early stages occurs when you make sudden movements or efforts that affect the joints. This pain is usually relieved by rest, but the advance of the disease can occur more frequently and with greater intensity. Those suffering from knee osteoarthritis may also have inability to move normally, and usually undergoes a progressive deformation of the affected joint.

osteoarthritis knee
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How to curb arthritis and pain with home remedies

Those suffering from knee osteoarthritis should go to the doctor to get a correct diagnosis and proper treatment be prescribed. However, some remedies can help treat and alleviate the symptoms. In any case it is always best to a medical checkup.

Maintain a balanced body weight

The obesity is a major cause of osteoarthritis in the knee and also makes progress more quickly. If you are suffering from obesity and overweight, it is crucial to start a diet to lose weight. Needless to follow a strict diet or starve : simply a low-calorie diet.

Hot-cold therapy

Usually the heat is very effective in treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis: Use a warm cloth and apply it on the affected area of pain. This therapy helps to relieve pain and relaxes muscles. When the arthritic joint is swollen and inflamed, the cold is instead the most suitable treatment: Apply cold compresses or ice pack on the affected area.

Physical exercise

While it may seem painful, exercise is very successful in treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee. True, it often recommends rest; however, remain completely still may be becoming completely dependent on others and exacerbate the situation.

For this reason it is best to practice gentle physical activity such as walking, cycling or swimming. It ‘best to consult an expert to have a customized workout designed to protect and strengthen joints.


When the pain caused by arthritis in the knee becomes intense, it is recommended to suspend their activities and remain at rest. Interspersed with short periods of rest during your daily activities.

Wear proper shoes

If you suffer from osteoarthritis in the knee, it is very important to use shoes with thick soles that absorb the force of impact of the foot on the ground while walking. Avoid the use of high-heeled shoes, and make sure the sole is flat. You can also buy the silicone heel cushions sold to be put in his shoes.


To relieve the pain of osteoarthritis is useful to make a light massage to the affected area, but without pressing too much. For massage, it is best to use essential oil of ginger, rosemary, eucalyptus and arnica.

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