The sports patches remedy for injuries

sports patches

The sports or elastotaping patches are for some years now a presence increasingly evident in shots of the protagonists of the various sports athletes. Footballers, tennis players and swimmers, and others, in various parts of the body are decorated fact of colorful stickers. But this is not a simple habit: as a newly exploded fashion, elastotaping or Kinesio taping Kinesio bandages or even actually is a serious therapeutic technique and accredited, born almost fifty years ago to treat muscular problems and orthopedic nature sports and more. To do that you are not using drugs but precisely colored adhesive plasters that, through bio-mechanical action, stimulate the self-healing processes of the tissues.

To introduce for the first time the kinesio bandage was the Japanese chiropractor and acupuncturist Kenzo Kase in the 70s, following the treatment he arrived in the United States and also spread to Italy ten years ago.

sports patches
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The secret of sports patches? No drugs but traction in the painful area

The patches therefore not release any substance through the skin. Another of elastotaping advantages is that you can use it almost anywhere, from the shoulders to the hands, from the knees to the neck to toe …

The device must be applied by a specialist in the area of the body where it is located the trouble. The specialist makes sure to exert traction on the injured part, relieving the feeling of pain and making sure that the disorder will be resolved more quickly. This is because the tape allows the muscles to not perform excessive efforts and not contract too. It also improves blood and lymph circulation, relieving swelling and facilitating the alignment of joints. Doing so can treat acute trauma and problems such as tendinitis, cervical arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, but you can at the same time facilitate the recovery of previous ones, and not surprisingly the use elastotaping proved very useful in the field rehabilitation. It must be said that the patch does not represent a restriction on movement but simply reduces the activity of the muscles affected by trauma.

Each color has its function

An important observation with regard to the elastotaping regards the color patches, which should not be chosen randomly. Here comes the color therapy, which causes different effects as needed. So for example, the red tape increases the flow of blood in a given area and is designed to soothe the painful cramps due to muscle contractions, while the blue has a cooling power and is used in cases of inflammation, then c ‘it is still black, which increases muscle tropism, and the beige, giving the impression of camouflage painful area, reduces the hassles related to back pain.

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