Products Rich in Folic Acid: 10 useful sources

Rich in Folic Acid

The moment you find out that you are pregnant changes your whole life.

Tears of joy … Happiness … Excitement …

And every step now should be aimed at the well-being of the growing in you small life.

The food you eat at this time should support not only your health, but your baby.

Folic acid is one of the most important nutrients that should be included in the diet of a potential mother. While you will opt for supplements, remember about the natural sources of folic acid.

Products containing folic acid may be the best choice to meet your daily needs for this vitamin. You will also incidentally meet other needs in vitamins and minerals.

Teach yourself and your children to use as many natural sources of nutrients as possible. Additives will never completely replace them.

And now let’s look at a list of foods rich in folic acid …

Need for Folic Acid and Risk

According to some reports, all women of childbearing age should consume 400-800 micrograms (0.4-0.8 milligrams) of folic acid per day.

The lack of folic acid increases the probability of a neural tube defect (a defect in the development of the spinal cord). These are the ailments:

  • Spina Bifida is the condition in which the spinal cord is located. If the vertebrae (bones of the spine) surrounding the spinal cord do not close properly during the first 28 days after fertilization.
  • Anencephaly is a serious underdevelopment of the brain.

Foods rich in folic acid

Before going to the list of products, let’s talk a little about folic acid itself …

Folic acid for health

Folic acid allows the body to perform many important functions. This is the process of biosynthesis in cells, and the synthesis of DNA, and “repair” of DNA, and the creation of red blood cells, and the prevention of anemia.

Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9. This vitamin is also well known for its properties in the prevention of “deformities” of the fetus, Alzheimer’s disease and even certain types of cancer.

Fortunately, there are many products of natural sources of folic acid.

Here are the top 10 natural sources of folic acid that you need to include in your diet, especially if a new life develops in you …

1. Leafy green vegetables

Rich in Folic Acid
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The name “folic acid” comes from the word foliage (leaves), which mainly refers to dark green leafy vegetables (for example, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, and so on).

Dark green leafy is super foods that are filled with a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and all sorts of other utilities. I do not know about you, but I really adore them. They are great in every respect.

As for the content of folic acid, here are a few champions:

  • Spinach – 1 bundle contains 263 mcg. folic acid (65% of the daily norm)
  • Leaf cabbage (feces)  – 1 bundle – 177 mcg. folic acid (44% of DN)
  • Mustard greens  – 1 cup – 1 bunch – 103 mcg. folic acid (26% of DN)
  • Salad leaves  – 1 bundle – 76 μg of folic acid (19% of DN)

To this list, you can freely add a lot of other greens, for example, from the family of crucifers.

Greenery can be cooked in various ways: to make a useful green juice (we always drink a glass every morning), to prepare smoothies or simply to extinguish, and maybe make a green salad.

Green leafy will help you fill the daily requirement for folic acid easily.

2. Legumes

Rich in Folic Acid
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Legumes of various types – lentils, beans and peas, are among the coolest sources of folic acid for pregnant women. And the whole point is that they are also rich in their iron content.

They can be easily incorporated into our daily diet. You can cook them delicious and your dishes with legumes will give you a greater range of useful recipes rich in folic acid.

This is beyond any doubt.

Here’s a look at these champions:

  • Lentil – 1 cup – 358 μg of folic acid (90% of DN)
  • Black beans – 1 cup – 256 μg of folic acid (64% of DN)
  • Beans – 1 cup – 229 μg of folic acid (57% of DN)
  • Green peas – 1 cup – 101 mcg of folic acid (25% DD)

There are other little-known legumes that you can meet or order in online stores, for example, mutton peas and other types of legumes …

3. Nuts and seeds

Rich in Folic Acid
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It does not matter if it’s pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds or flax seeds. All of them are packed with a large number of elements, including folic acid.

They are eaten raw, sprouted or added to salads. Sunflower seeds, flax seeds and peanuts are especially rich in folic acid. Below is a short list of the best seeds and nuts containing a lot of folic acid.

  • Sunflower seeds – ¼ cup – 82 mcg of folic acid (21%)
  • Peanut – ¼ cup – 88 μg folic acid (22%)
  • Flax seeds – 2 tbsp. l. – 54 mcg of folic acid (14%)
  • Almond – 1 cup – 46 mcg of folic acid (12%)

4. Citrus fruits

Rich in Folic Acid
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Fresh fruits, especially citrus fruits, are known to contain a huge amount of folic acid.

For example:

  • Oranges – one orange – 40 mcg of folic acid (10% DD)
  • Grapefruit – one grapefruit – 30 mcg of folic acid (8% DD)

Pay attention and attention to other fruits. Among all the set is worth highlight and papaya, which is the absolute leader among fruits. One fetus contains 115 mcg of folic acid (29% DD)

5. Pumpkin

Rich in Folic Acid
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If you suffer from a deficiency of folic acid, give this to understand the pumpkin.

You can always get a significant amount of vitamin from this vegetable. You can count on it. It is rightfully on the list of foods with a high content of folic acid.

There is no doubt about the nutritional value of these products. As for folic acid, one cup of pumpkin contains about 57 μg of folic acid (14% of DN)

6. Avocado

Rich in Folic Acid
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Another representative is rich in folic acid.

But he really is not just a fruit. Look at its shape. It reminds the belly of a pregnant woman. He’s just handsome.

If we talk about folic acid, then 100 grams of avocado contains 45 μg of folic acid. And this is almost 10% of your daily needs.

7. Asparagus

Rich in Folic Acid
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This woody product is perhaps one of the most nutritious foods on earth.

Asparagus contains a large amount of folic acid, and in general it is a champion in many respects. It contains many such vitamins as: vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A and manganese.

As for the content of folic acid, one cup of cooked asparagus will give you 262 μg of folic acid, which is about 65% of your daily need.

Further one more yummy …

8. Corn

Rich in Folic Acid
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Corn, in comparison with asparagus, is much more accessible to us for purchase and preparation.

I think we’ve all heard a lot about her health benefits. But did you know that this grain is actually a steep source of folic acid.

Yes, only 1 small portion of corn can give almost 76 μg of folic acid. Which equals almost 20% of our daily needs.

9. Broccoli

Rich in Folic Acid
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Here is another amazing, natural food product containing a lot of folic acid. It was found that each serving of broccoli contains as much as 104 μg of folic acid, which is about 25% of your daily allowance.

In addition, you will receive many additional vitamins and elements that are contained in broccoli.

10. Brussels sprouts

Rich in Folic Acid
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According to nutritionists, this product is not possible not to include in your daily diet.

You can stew or cook it and consume it every day. Just one serving of this cruciferous vegetable will give you 25% of your daily need for folic acid.

Final Thoughts …

Folic acid, iron and calcium is a steep holy trinity for pregnant women, and indeed. Therefore, use this large list of products containing folic acid and not just to make up for your daily need.

Remember that supplements you may not receive as many benefits as some foods.

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