Eating healthy: Fruits and vegetables in season

Eating healthy

With the change of season the body asks us healthy and fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables typical of the season.

Any time is good to start healthy eating, but in summer, with the onset of heat, the body asks us renewal and fresh food, so today we tell you what fruits and vegetables are and how best to take advantage of all its benefits.

Fill your table color and vitamins

There are three colors that help us differentiate products from this station: green, orange and red (or pink) in all shades. Guided by them is very easy to hit when making the purchase. Yet it is not more to keep in mind the following list of vegetables and fruits:

Eating healthy
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  • Leafy greens: spinach, chard, endive, watercress, arugula and lettuces of all kinds, rich in antioxidants and especially in vitamin K , responsible for blood clotting, which helps us to have a good vascular health and avoid problems arising as varicose veins. Some studies have also linked vitamin K with stronger bones and preventing fractures.
  • More vegetables: artichokes, leeks, courgettes, cabbages, peas, beans, peppers, celery, asparagus and fennel salad that helps us to do good digestion. All they provide us with minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C, to help improve our immune system and repair body tissues, such as skin and nails. Changing color have tomatoes and carrots, which owe their pigmentation to beta-carotene that once ingested, they are transformed into vitamin A
  • Fruits: apricots, peaches, loquats, strawberries, strawberries, plums and cherries. With them also add beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C to your diet as well as vitamin E, an antioxidant and an extra help in the use of vitamin K.

Why eat fruits and vegetables in season?

Almost all fruits and vegetables are available almost all year, then, why give priority to this station? Seasonal products not only tend to have better flavor, also prepare our body for climate change and needs summer.

They are ideal for hydrate with its high water content, which is vital when the heat starts. On the other hand, foods rich in beta-carotene favor the production of melanin and have our skin to the sun, which is gradually becoming more intense.

How do you make the best match?

The best way to consume these fruits and seasonal vegetables to benefit from his great contribution in vitamins and minerals is, whenever possible, raw, whole and whenever possible with skin as fully leverage all its properties, will be consuming all the vitamins, minerals and fiber. The salads increasingly crave more and are ideal for mixing vegetables and fruits, enjoying all its flavor and color.

Another option that allows us to use all its properties is to prepare refreshing smoothies to help us rehydrate although not to overuse them, or just use them directly as healthy snacks and appetizers as crudites, preparing celery sticks, carrots, endive …

When cooking, better opt for healthy techniques to keep the most of their vitamins and minerals, such as iron, steamed or with the wok, with which besides fruits and vegetables will we crunchy, tasty and very light. And yes, fruits also can be cooked, grilled are delicious as an accompaniment or part of a salad or can even make grilled, if we prepare a barbecue this summer, as a healthy dessert and very original.

A pantry a day

To motivate us to eat fruits and vegetables season nothing better than doing so varied and have them available at home. If we go to purchase regularly we will run less risk of spoilage and generally, we can keep them perfectly in a dark, well-ventilated place. When there is no time, then play cool, but considering some little tricks.

The asparagus will last us more if we introduce the base into a container with water and keep them in the fridge, as well as green leafy vegetables are also better preserved in the corresponding section of the refrigerator, washed, sliced and wrapped in a clean cloth or stuffed within a tupperware.

The latter method (but not cut in pieces) also serves to the most delicate fruits like strawberries. It is important that when saving try not to crowd each other, the more separate are better, so avoid that moldy.

If we keep in the refrigerator a tupperware with fresh vegetables, peeled and cut, we can kill the bug when we give desire to snack, without overdo the calories. Although a piece of fruit is always, perfect for a snack or take midmorning and recharge.

Ultimately, fruits and seasonal vegetables help us feel lighter and vital, something that comes very well to cope with the changing climate so characteristic of the summer, and new schedules and habits that accompany it. Already you have your favorite? Which are?

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