Eight original recipes with pumpkin, to take advantage of this seasonal vegetable

Pumpkin recipe

Pumpkin is one of the vegetables that we can leverage for these months to get good nutrients and a pleasant sweet taste in our dishes, so, we leave eight original recipes with pumpkin that will help you incorporate more this food to your table.

Original recipes with pumpkin

To vary our dishes and not just make a puree, soup or stew with pumpkin, you have some recipes originals that you can try at home to reinvent the use of this vegetable.

Pumpkin recipe
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With its consumption will incorporate potassium, fiber, carotene and vitamin A without many calories and high water content, therefore, you cannot fail to try the following recipes to take advantage of this vegetable season…

  • Lasagna pumpkin and goat cheese: A good way to add and modify your pumpkin lasagna classic is to develop this very tasty dish ideal for a hearty meal of noon, because we were satisfied with good nutrients.
  • Pumpkin Pie: For lovers of sweets, incorporating pumpkin pies is a good choice nutritionally enriches the recipe and also can provide flavor and color to it.
  • Pumpkin and oatmeal burgers: An original recipe ideal for vegans, and we can achieve with just a few ingredients, obtaining a plate that satiates and provides fiber, vegetable protein and lots of potassium.
  • Rustic pumpkin pie and parmesan cheese: A very tasty and original dish that can be satisfied in a dinner or a light meal. It is good source of calcium, potassium, vitamin D, carotene and complete proteins.
  • Chickpea dumplings, barley and pumpkin: Not only a suitable recipe for vegetarians but also ideal for the kids in the house consume pumpkin, vegetables and cereals in a different way. It is a very satisfying and nutritious dish that we can develop in a short time.
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte or latte spiced pumpkin: Ideal for a cold autumn afternoon this coffee that adds flavor and nutrients pumpkin is an excellent option that also satisfy us and calm our desires sweet.
  • Rolls of squash with cranberries: Adding some pumpkin dough bread can achieve a different dish, aroma, flavor and nice color and the best, with an extra good nutrients like potassium and carotene, which we can enjoy a healthy breakfast.
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake: To give a change to the traditional cheesecake or cheesecake, can develop this pumpkin pie and tasty cheese and of course, full of good nutrients that can taste a autumnal snack.

With these eight original recipes you can add pumpkin to your dishes fall and take advantage of all the vitamins and minerals that this vegetable offers and all its pleasant taste and color.

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