Benefits of Conscious Food


With mindful eating is much less eat (up to 3 times less) without starving, and you can lose up to 1 kg in a single day.

Today stress (the most common disease of the twentieth century and so far this XXI) is even socially frowned upon. Even associated with being depressed go slow and go in a hurry to be healthy and full of “vitality”.

Of course, this is not so. For those who want to regain the ability to walk a walk (not preparing for a marathon), to enjoy a good book in silence or enjoy something as mundane as food, here are some guidelines to incorporate the concept of calm to food (food conscious), bringing awareness to a facet of their daily lives…

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Before meals

  • Drink all the water half hour before or after meal like, not during or immediately after, to avoid watering down the gastric juices. Avoid fizzy drinks as they dilate the stomach rather than reducing its size, which is what we want.
  • If we are hungry, eat a piece of fruit before preparing food, as the brain takes half an hour to record you entered food in the stomach, but in the case of fruit detected at 5 minutes, whereupon the fruit satiating effect is immediate.

If we eat more than one piece of fruit, which is of the same (without mixing different types). Do not eat fruit after meals, only fasting or before, because if not ferments in the stomach and cause digestive problems.

If we are hungry and sleep simultaneously is best to eat a piece of fruit, we let you sleep and eat quietly to wake. After eating fruit, let at least 2 hours before eating fats, and after eating fats miss 4 hours before eating fruit or other sugars. Always eat to feel hungry, giving priority to the fruit as healthy “pecking” between hours.

  • Cook us only half the amount of food we ate so far. If conscious food done right, it could even enough and more. Take me to the table everything that we are going to eat, to avoid impulsive trips to the refrigerator for more food. Put food on small plates to trick the brain and think that there are more than there. Eat with forks and dessert spoons.
  • It is best to eat a single dish at every meal instead of several dishes, except salad before the meat, fish, eggs and cheese, as the first and second course to encourage us to eat more.
  • The chewing food that has satisfied us more than creams and soups. For example, you better eat a salad with tomato and cucumber cut tacos gazpacho.

We started eating

  • We sat at the table with the TV off, without music or books, not to distract the brain (conscious eating). If we are with someone, eating in silence (the conversation with another person distracts much or more than television). We must be aware only of smell, taste and texture of what we eat, enjoying their best to psychologically also be satisfied to the fullest. If eating good sign becomes boring, because that will make us lose food addiction and make us appreciate more other things.
  • For the same reason (conscious eating), forget all worries, decision making, etc.when you start eating as they give us anxiety and eat more, because our thinking brain is distracted and does not detect and assess what we are eating (lack of awareness). We can help stop the mind doing 10 deep breaths before you start eating and if we have many things in his head and took a pace of life, meditating (hear the thoughts) for at least 5 minutes before you start eating, until you no longer have anything more to decide not to think about (empty mind). So we take the time to meditate and connect food with ourselves.
  • We sit comfortably with your back straight and kidneys held by the chair. If we are uncomfortable, the brain sends the message soon finish the meal, and then eat faster.
  • We eat as slowly as possible, super small bites, chew food completely and focusing on the taste, smell and texture. Between mouthfuls, pause (if we accelerate slowly count to five or make 3 deep breaths).

No dish we catch more food until we have swallowed what we have in the mouth. Beware of snacks and things that eat snacks, because it is easy to bite more than necessary if we keep a watchful eye. Stop eating, although we have not finished when we feel satiety, and keep what we have left for the night or the next day (includes food conscious ethical value of not throwing food).

When finished eating

While washing teeth (food debris in the mouth can cause hunger again), and do something we like a lot, so we still have more desire to finish eating.

What can we get with food conscious?

With mindful eating is much less eat (up to 3 times less) without starving, and you can lose up to 1 kg in one day, but not de-nutrition we eat:

  • Legumes (which are the equivalent of meat in the plant world): 3 times a week
  • Boiled / sautéed vegetables
  • Fish (both blue and white): 2 times a week
  • Eggs: 2 times a week
  • Meat / cheese: 1 or 2 times per week (prioritize other foods)

Can we eat anything?

  • As for the food we eat and in what order we eat them, follow the method of Michel Montignac, described in his book “EAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS” for at least two months strictly to balance the pancreas, liver and blood sugar level. Take a little cinnamon in milk (soy or almond) Mornings can help us to this.

Broadly speaking, the Montignac system consists of not mixing foods with a high glycemic index (carbohydrates sleazy which cause extra insulin secretion by the pancreas) with fats. Fats (meat, fish of all kinds, seafood, cheese, eggs, cream, butter, oil) can eat perfectly, but with fiber or carbohydrates with high quality (vegetables, mushrooms, etc.)

  • If something we like, instead of giving us a binge can eat more often at first, until that particular food waste excessive value we have given.
  • If you like sweet, in the second phase, from time to time, we eat a little less food to make room for dessert, of course, should also be limited to the issue of quantity, and in the food we do not eat foods exceed 3% fat.
  • In the second phase, we will eat what we like and stew the way we like it more than twice a week, to enjoy the food and avoid rebound effects weekend. Of course, it is not eating pizza (for example), three days a week as much as we like, but not to eat legumes and vegetables all week and then give us a pizza binge weekend.

What if we go overboard?

  • While monitoring your process I will show you whether you should take supplements like KETONE SLANK, the NOPAL PLUS or lime juice.

Vibrational therapy and process monitoring

  • It is imperative vibrational therapy (Bach Flowers and / or scents made with healing stones) to treat fears or unconscious traumas of the person causing anxiety for food, stimulate the lymphatic system (elimination of liquids, fats and toxins from the body ), treat possible hormonal or endocrine (thyroid) imbalances and possible nutritional deficiencies that cause food cravings, etc. i.e. all the physical, emotional and psychological causes of the tendency to gain weight.
  • What your ideal weight is. Once you get it, you can reserve one day a week, noon, eat whatever you want (pizza, cheeses, meats, etc.), but always following the method of conscious meals.

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