Intolerances persecute you? Here are some possible causes and solutions


Often, among the people I attend or in the groups I follow on Facebook, I hear about intolerances of various kinds. Unfortunately, I belong to this category as well. For several years, my body does not tolerate several substances. It reacts to chemicals (drugs, tricks, perfumes …) and certain foods in the most disparate ways: headaches, coughs, retrograde mucus, cystitis, joint pain, stiffness or muscular weakness, tachycardia, itching, swelling, acne, eczema, hemorrhoids …

If you are reading this article is because most likely also happens to you, so if, like me, the exams do not detect any specific allergy, what are these reactions?

There is not much clarity on the subject. Doctors then use the term “intolerance” only for lactose and gluten, Everything else does not even take it into consideration … or at least that’s what I saw doing about me.

As usual, I tried to better understand the subject but above all to find a solution. Here’s what I found out …

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What is the difference between allergy and intolerance?

First, I thought it was right to understand the difference between allergy and intolerance.

It is about allergy when the body reacts excessively to an alien substance. Allergic events trigger the immune mechanisms associated with the production of immunoglobulins of class E (IgE), capable of retaining memory of the substance. Any encounter with the foreign substance considered to be dangerous leads to an increase in the number of specific IgEs, and consequently the manifestation tends to get worse whenever the organism comes into contact with the allergen.

In intolerance (with the exception of lactose and gluten), the mechanisms are not yet so clear. Certainly, a first difference is that the reactions are dose-dependent (the greater the amount, the longer the symptom will be) and some classes of immunoglobulins, including IgA and IgG, are likely to come into play then by IgE.

The symptom is not to be considered a negative aspect, however: it is the signal that our body is reacting, knocking out somehow the substance that is not it’s appreciated.

However, these reactions are annoying and sometimes limiting, so to send us to KO. So how to get rid of them?

The causes that trigger an intolerance

Among the various sources I was inspired to, I found two possible causes …

1) The cause of these problems is sometimes congenital and can be part of a much wider and more complex clinical situation. However, this does not mean that the reactions of our body can be attributed to “bad habits” such as …

  • Use products containing chemicals (food, body care and home care products, cosmetics, hair dye, nail polish … );
  • Eat refined and industrially manufactured foods;
  • Implementing excessively fat and fat rich meals;
  • Make a poor diet of raw vegetables and fruits;
  • Do not follow the rules of food combinations;
  • Periodically ingest animal products such as milk, non-fresh dairy products and meat;
  • Living in hygienically inadequate environments;
  • Have little care of their personal hygiene;
  • Consistently take drugs (life-saving aside);
  • Etc.

2) Another hypothesis for screening scholars is the exaggerated assumption of a particular substance (food, medicine …): more is used and more intolerance can be found.

How to find an intolerance?

The solutions proposed are different …

  • Eliminates for a certain period a suspected substance or food at a time: if the symptom disappears you most likely have found the cause; this method has been very useful to me … especially in the first period I started curing. With me it worked great!
  • Perform a cytotoxic test (white blood cell reactions in contact with the suspected substance are studied) or hair analysis (creatinine variation is observed): however, both methods are not yet fully reliable;
  • Make use of radiesthesia: thanks to the aid of a tool such as a biotensor you may experience the intolerance relationship with any element.

Do you also have intolerance like me?

What kind? Have you solved or are you still in the grip of the events? Have you found help doctors for your situation? Every reality is to yourself … write down below to tell yours.

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