Menopause: Too much animal protein raise heart risk


A new research points the finger at the abuse of meat. Mature women at risk cardiac arrest if they exaggerate.

There are conflicting studies on the benefits of a diet rich in protein has for our body. Definitely it makes you lose weight rather quickly, making us feel full of energy. One of Rhode Island Brown University Memorial Hospital study, however, warns mature women: a diet rich in protein; kicking the risk of cardiac arrest, especially if the majority of the protein comes from meat.

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The proteins, which are found in foods such as meat, poultry, dairy products, fish, nuts, legumes, are considered essential to healthy bones, muscles and skin.

A study of 2014, which had been published in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism, showed such a strong link between a protein diet and a higher risk of developing cancer and diabetes. Research such as this point the finger especially against proteins that are derived from the animal world that would be particularly harmful to our health. The new study is no exception to this condition.

The US researchers arrived at their findings after having analyzed the data of more than 100,000 women already in menopause, who participated in the project Women’s Health Initiative (WHI). All volunteers completed a questionnaire about their eating habits between 1993 and 1998. At the beginning of the investigation no woman had heart problems and their cardiac conditions were monitored until 2005. 1711 of them have had a cardiac arrest.

Making the comparison with women who had a diet with little protein, those who ate a lot of it has a lot higher risk of having a heart attack, especially if most of the protein ingested came from the animal world. Quite the contrary women who ate mainly vegetable protein were more protective of their hearts.

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