Post workout muscle aches: To know to prevent them

muscle aches

The post workout muscle aches are a tangible sign of what has been performed correctly the exercises to get toned legs, shapely arms and a perfect line.

Contrary to widespread belief, the pain in the muscles of legs and arms after making sport of any kind does not depend from lactic acid but from the breakdown of muscle fibers put under stress from training. Lactic acid is also present in the rest condition and is absorbed from the blood within about 2 hours from the end of the exercises; instead, muscle pain disappears after a few days from training.

muscle aches
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Because of muscle post workout pain

Technically, muscle pain is called DOMS – delayed onset soreness – and is caused by micro-cracks to the muscle fibers due to the effort exerted on the muscles precisely during the gym or other exercise type.

Muscle microfractures are inevitable: the more you perform exercises to tone bambe and arms and muscles are pulled and, in lengthening and pump up the muscles, the fibers that make them undergo microfracture. This is a normal condition, therefore, not of concern, but it certainly causes muscle pain exacerbated in those who concentrates in a few days an intensive training that would be good distributed during a whole year making steady exercises to slim and tone the entire body.

It may happen that DOMS is present even after a mild workout and thus, the case, may depend on a condition of excessive rigidity and prolonged fatigue of the muscles involved in training.

The only way to prevent muscle pain after training is to start the exercise session with some ‘stretching holding the position for about 20 seconds. Healthy habits also help to train without pain: drink plenty of water, take supplements idrosalini, follow a balanced diet, and avoid the consumption and abuse of alcohol and tobacco.

How relieving muscle pain due to sports?

Some people resort to analgesics and anti-inflammatory and who, for relieving muscle pain after training, makes ice packs on the painful area and be patient a few days until the DOMS walk by itself.

The latter approach, waiting for the noise to fade without the use of drugs and keeping the muscles at rest, it is undoubtedly the best way to deal with the post workout muscle aches.

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