Exercises for the abdominals at home


Keeping fit or getting ready for the costume test without going to the gym is possible. Practicing abdominal exercises at home is a perfect way to train in comfort and at any time of the day. With the right high and low abs program, you will find the shape in no time

Practicing exercises for the abdominals at home, without the need for tools, is an effective way to rediscover the form. What is certain is that having a sculpted and flat abdomen is not a simple undertaking and requires commitment, good will, but above all constancy. If it is impossible to find the time for your workout at the gym, know that you will not have to give up at all to show off an enviable body next summer. The home workout DIY can be a good alternative that will allow you to take care of your physical appearance whenever you feel like it and time for that, no need to go out from your apartment. Find out how to get abdominals sculpted at home, with our recommended exercises.

Eliminating abdominal fat and conquering the much desired “turtle” requires a dose of good will, with constant exercise and a targeted diet. Do not you have the time and money for a personal trainer to show you the abdominal exercises to be performed in the gym? Do not panic. There are several abdominal exercises at home without tools that will prove equally effective and will give you a sculpted and dry body. So let’s see what are the best exercises to train the abs at home, without the need to set up a home gym.



When referring to abdominal exercises for men, reference to crunches is a must. Always with the utmost constancy and dedication, if inserted into a training program for abdominals, this type of exercises will allow you to achieve the desired results. Here are 3 to try …

Bicycle crunch

From the back, hands behind the head and elbows well positioned outwards, the legs alternately lifted and bent, reproducing the typical pedaling movement. At the same time, lift up the torso to the rhythm then performing an abdominal exercise, tilting it alternately with respect to the bent knee. So if your right knee is raised, you will bend to the right with your left elbow and vice versa. We recommend series of 30 repetitions, trying to maintain the position for 10-15 seconds. This will prove to be one of the best low abs exercises to do at home.

Crunched crunch

From the back, arms and legs outwards to form an “X” with the body lift the right leg and the left arm almost to touch the tip of the feet with your hands, keeping your arms and legs as flat as possible. Do the same also in the opposite direction, repeating the operation for at least 30 times and trying to maintain the position for 5-10 seconds. The operation forces the torso to rise and leverage the abdominal muscles, reinforcing them all.

Reverse crunch with legs outstretched

Always lying down on your back, place your hands under your buttocks, then lift your legs up to bring them perpendicular to the ground.

Sit Up

Another type of exercises for sculpted abdominals is the one known as the sit-up. Let’s see how to do them correctly.

Position yourself with your back on the ground, bend your legs and bring your feet close to the body keeping them firmly resting on the ground. The hands must be placed behind the head and from this position lift up the torso, continuing until the back also comes off the floor. Stay in place for a few seconds, reminding you to exhale and, falling down, be careful not to rest your shoulders.

What is the right technique? To perform a proper sit-up you need to keep the upper body bent forward and the chin resting on the breastbone.

Crossed rotations

A third type of exercise to train abdominals without tools is represented by crossed rotations.

How to do it? Always on your back, cross your hands on the abdomen and raise your legs keeping them slightly bent. At this point, raise the torso as in normal abdominals, but bending it to the left and right at each lift, taking care to orientate hands and arms as much as possible to the side of the side.

Try to keep the location a couple of seconds, performing series of 25-30 repetitions.

Now that you know the best abdominal exercises to do at home, without having to go to the gym, it is good that you define your training table.

Here are some useful tips for perfect abs: try to establish your own program, combining different sets of exercises suggested above, so that you can train the high and low abs in a balanced way.

Finally, it is advisable to perform the exercises slowly and, in the end, perform some stretching for the abdomen.

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