How to help the body after training


If you often visit the gym, it means that you know first hand how you want to restore your body faster after exhausting workouts. Relaxation and recovery – the necessary components of any physical activity, especially power.

After all, how much you can rest and recover depends on the further effectiveness of your training. Unfortunately, many ignore the point of recovery, which should be provided in each training plan.

Before you learn about several ways of recovery that will help your body return to the “system” faster, let’s find out why rest is so important after playing sports.

Why is the recovery period necessary after training?

Recovery plays a big role in the process of tissue regeneration and positively affects the muscles. Any strain on the body is a great stress for him. Naturally, during training, muscles are damaged. To restore them a day is needed, and maybe two. If the muscles are not allowed to rest and again load them, it can turn into their destruction, not growth.

Therefore, when developing the training plan, take into account that during the workload was accounted for by different muscle groups.

In addition, during sports activities accumulate decay products, which adversely affect the body and can make all your efforts in vain. Immediately withdraw them will help the recovery process and complete rest.

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Stretching is a must for training

Exercises for stretching are an integral part of any workouts. Sometimes due to weak stretching, it is not possible to increase muscle mass and achieve greater results. So, for example, a person who regularly performs this type of exercise, with more ease doing sit-ups than the one who pays less attention to stretching their muscles.

In addition, stretching exercises after exercise can help increase blood circulation and reduce the amount of lactic acid in the muscles, as well as lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Twenty minutes of stretching after training is enough to make you feel better.

Attend the sauna

Nowadays, many gyms offer a sauna as a recovery after physical exertion. Indeed, visiting the sauna helps to relax and helps to cope with muscle pain.

Twenty minutes will be enough to recover after an intense load. But we must not forget that after a steam bath it is necessary to drink at least two glasses of water in order not to disturb the water balance in the body. Also keep in mind that if you feel unwell, it is better to refuse to go to the sauna.

Eat right

During training, there is an active consumption of potassium in the body, which must be replenished. Therefore, include in your diet foods rich in potassium – potatoes, bananas, dried apricots, raisins, nuts and others.

Your menu should be high-grade and consist of a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrate food.

In addition, after training, be sure to drink clean water to maintain the water-salt balance in the body. It will also help you relieve muscle pain.

But alcoholic beverages must be banned. Otherwise, instead of restoring the muscles, the body will have to fight the toxins that come with alcohol.

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Full sleep and rest – The key to rapid recovery

Ignoring a full sleep, especially people who constantly load themselves in gyms, can lead to problems with psychological health, and also negatively affect the effectiveness of training.

During sleep, growth hormone is produced, which in synthesis with protein is able to quickly restore the human body. Also, a healthy sleep normalizes the functioning of the human brain, which allows you to be alert while performing various exercises.

For a good rest you need to sleep at least 7 hours a day. In the case of force training, it may take up to 9 hours. Also, do not forget about the quality of sleep – take care of the purchase of an orthopedic mattress and pillow in advance.

Functional additives

After physical exertion, our body needs more protein. It is necessary for a beautiful half of humanity to consume about 20 g of protein after training, and for men – within 50 g.

To date, powdered protein is one of the simplest and most common ways to restore the body after physical exertion.

Protein cocktails have been specially developed to replenish the body with the necessary amount of protein during active loads.

They are balanced depending on the degree of athletic training of a person. Beginners need less protein. Professionals can also choose a cocktail with a high protein content.

The composition of functional additives includes such components:

  • Protein,
  • Various amino acids,
  • L-carnitine,
  • Linoleic acid,
  • Alimentary fiber,
  • Vitamins and other components.

By adhering to these recommendations, you can quickly restore the body after exhausting workouts, reduce muscle pain, improve the performance of joints in order to continue training and go to your goal.

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