Five Steps You Should Try Out To Make Yourself Look Younger

People have always been interested in things that could make them look younger. We all want to look younger than our actual age, okay maybe not all of us. There are natural steps you can carry out to achieve this.

In this article from online pokies, we will be covering a list of things you can do to make yourself look younger than your age. They range from haircuts and applying sunscreen on your face and neck to using castor oil on your brows. Read on.



One of the natural steps you can take to make yourself look younger is by giving yourself a new haircut. When you get yourself a new haircut, you’ll be giving your face a breath of fresh air. You will look younger and be more confident than before. You should be doing this regularly, not all at once. In this way, you’ll be able to maintain a level of freshness in your hair and the results will surface over time. You just have to get a good hairdresser.


Applying Sunscreen on Your Face and Neck

This is one of the most important as the sun will always be harsh on your skin. This is especially the case as the sun will get harsher as you grow older. So, you should try to apply sunscreen on your face and neck if you want to avoid wrinkles and dark spots from getting to your face.


Using Castor Oil on Your Brows

If you intend to make your eyebrows thicker, you should try applying castor oil to them. Castor oil is essential for growing eyebrows. Made with omega-9 fatty acids which are responsible for stimulating hair growth and increasing thickness in eyebrows. It is quite easy to use, you just need to apply a few drops of castor oil on a cotton swab and apply it to your brows. Do this every day and you will see the results of your eyebrows becoming fuller and thicker. This is a good way to get a youthful look, courtesy of


Eating Healthy Foods

Eating a healthy diet should always be important even if you’re not interested in looking younger. One of the main keys to keeping a healthy lifestyle is by eating a healthy diet. Eating junk food all the time will not help your lifestyle aside from supplying you with energy for a short period. Healthy foods, on the other hand, will help you improve your skin over time. You should also eat lots of fruits and vegetables as they will give your body the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to remain healthy while improving your skin appearance at the same time. You should try eating fruits like Blueberries, Avocado, Spinach, Kale and Goji berries, just like David Villa’s wife does.


Drinking Plenty of Water

Water is the most important natural resource in this world and you shouldn’t be lacking it in your body. Drinking water is one of the many things that will make you look younger. Water will help you stay hydrated as it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce inflammation in the body. This will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You should at least drink six glasses of water per day.

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