The exercises for the breathing


To relax, recharge, get the proper rest: the breathing exercises can have many purposes. After all breathing is one of the most automated and natural gestures we make every day. Perhaps the easiest, so that often you hear people say “easy as breathing”! But is it really that simple? Or rather, there are techniques for breathing which help not only to do so in the best way but also with a clear objective to be achieved?

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Well the answer is yes, they exist! One of the best known exercises to breathe better, made especially by those who practice sports, is for example the breath walking: walking and breathing, two simple gestures that, when combined in the right way, help the entire body to find the perfect shape. How do you run? Start walking until you find your rhythm. Now try to make four short consecutive inspirations, synchronizing with the walk. Then to follow four short consecutive expiration, always synchronizing with the walk. Repeat this for no more than 5 minutes and you’ll soon see the positive results.

To focus instead there are specific techniques of concentration and meditation, which help to clear your mind. For 5 minutes or concentrate solely on inspiration and expiration. A seemingly simple exercise that allows the brain to reach a state of higher concentration, especially useful for learning and memorization. So useful when studying, for example!

To relax and eliminate stress you can instead opt for the technique known as diaphragmatic breathing. Place the right hand on the abdomen and left chest, begin to breathe slowly and with deep breaths, helping you with your right hand. Gardening just 5-10 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing for stress relief and enjoy a feeling of well being. In short, one thing is certain: the breathing exercises help not only breathe, but also to live better.

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