6 amazing brain exercises

Brain exercise

Although not relate, monotony is detrimental to our ability to concentrate. One of the best brain exercises every day is to include new activities in our routine.

Over the years, the stress and worries mind suffers and stops working as we were used to. If this is your case, if you’re in exams, you have anxiety or years you are taking a toll, we suggest some exercises for the brain.

Before moving on to describe, it is good to know how your work head. As you know, we have two hemispheres, the left and the right, and each has a distinct function.

For the left, it deals with the verbal portion and logical analysis. For its part, the right hemisphere deals with the non-verbal aspect and creativity. In this sense, the best activities are those that connect both sides.

Brain exercise
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1. Exercises for the brain: Brain gym

This gymnastics for the mind fosters creativity, concentration, motor skills and learning ability. The sociologist Paul Dennison proposes a series of exercises for the brain in 26 simple body movements that unite the two hemispheres.

It is recommended to heat with thoracic breathing and drink some water before brain gym. Also, the ideal is to practice every day, repeating each exercise ten times for 30 seconds.

2. Cross March

Gradually raises his right knee and elbow directed towards it and then return to the first position and do the same, but with other extremities, do you questions that have to do with the mind?

This simple routine optimizes the balance of our nervous activity, an issue that manifests itself in an improved motor skills and concentration, especially necessary to work your creativity.

3. Recalls phone numbers

Unlike the previous ones, here you do not need more brain activity. Analyze your calendar and select first your most common numbers and try to remember them.

It includes in your daily life that task and sees how your brain starts to show much more receptive when memorizing.

Memory is a part of our necessary to develop such important aspects as creativity brain activity, since we can only imagine from what we already know.

4. Listen to music

Something as playful as music can become your main partner against stress and study. In this area highlights the research of Dr. Tomatis, who showed that the music of Mozart helped in therapies for depression.

Thus the “Mozart Effect” is a groundswell of psychological and musical study claiming that the pace and emerged melodies of this composer enhance brain oxygenation and thus favor the concentration, making it an amazing exercise for the brain.

5. Escape the monotony

Make every day the same relaxes the brain and therefore care levels decrease and, with them, we interfere with our ability to concentrate.

Given this, one of the best brain exercises is to vary your route home and open up to new methods of socialization.

Meet new people connecting the two hemispheres, so it is particularly interesting. On the one hand, intuition and curiosity they awaken and at the same time, we practice the logic and our verbal skills.

6. Do not keep it all in one place

Along the same lines of what we said before, we know you put everything always in the same place facilitates the development of automation and therefore have a low level of attention.

However, altering the position of an element of home require think the new location, memorize and remember, which is a great workout session for the mind, without more elements than you and your household.

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