Gym rookie: These are the benefits you will get from hipopressive gymnastics

Gym rookie

The hipopresivos exercises are booming, and it is not because they are a fad, but because increasingly have more foundation, and measurable benefits, also taking few precautions and contraindications.

If your purpose is to start putting year, it is very interesting to know what are the benefits of hipopresivos ambdominales, which are suitable for all people who exercise, for the following reasons:

Gym rookie
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They do not require a specific physical condition to learn them. You do not need to be an athlete or have a good base. They can learn from scratch, even for sedentary or who have never exercised people.

They allow progression: they can be adapted to all levels, from basic exercises for beginners to advanced exercisers, such as Low Pressure Fitness.

Help to reduce waist circumference. By working muscles like the transversus abdominis and other muscle groups in a way that improves the tone, you get yourself firm the abdomen, reducing centimeters, something that many seek throughout the year, but especially trying to recover from the excesses of the Christmas.

Not only work the abs: The progression of the exercises allows you to improve your posture, also helping back problems or neck.

They are preventive exercises: in problems such as urinary incontinence (particularly due to efforts, common in female athletes) and other problems related to the pelvic floor and abdomen (hernia, groin injury …).

No need material : most exercises You can practice at home, in a park, on the beach … Practically you just need mat (or not too hard surface) and sports clothes to start practicing, although it is true that more advanced exercises if they require certain material, but above all, what is needed is a lot of practice.

The benefits are long lasting: Working tone and posture when you take several sessions, the body will change and noting with few minutes of exercise, get to keep the changes.

The hipopresivos exercises, such as those included in the programs of Low Pressure Fitness, allow you to work your entire body to achieve improvements in posture in addition to the benefits of Hipopresiva abdominal gymnastics, as we discussed in our post about the subject, you we recommend review: Overview and benefits of abdominal hipopresivos.

While it is true that you can practice at home, the technique has certain complications, so we recommend attending instructors trained in the field so that you can guide in learning and teach the sequence and progression of exercises.

And you are going to try these types of exercises? Have you already included them in your training routine?

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