Train vs independent exercise

independent exercise

We are constantly recommending ways to train we can combine different regularly in our routines. We at this time we will focus on two ways of working muscles, with separate charges for each part of the body work, or working the muscle group concerned with a burden that will arise in conjunction with both hands.

Surely we doubt has arisen hundreds of times whether it is better to train one way or another, and that after all the mechanics of the exercise is similar, but the results will not be the same. It is therefore good that we have in mind for what will work in one way or the other.

independent exercise
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Independent loads

First of all it is necessary to bear in mind that working with independent loads allow us to work each body part with the same intensity, thus avoiding postural vices that rule usually develop over time. We also have to keep in mind that when working with independent charges normally muscle work is more direct, because we focus more on the worked part without diverting some of the tension to others.

Independent loads also allow us to get a greater understanding of the body and its component parts, and we will achieve greater coordination of these to make the necessary movements with each of the body parts and properly affect the muscles worked. Therefore it is always advisable to start training if you are a beginner with both hands and a single charge, and do not independently to acquire skill and ease to run the exercise.

A single charge

But if we opted for conducting the exercise with a single charge and with both hands, but not working with each arm independently we get training often with higher loads, as a general rule where a body part stays short in force is supplied by the other. But this all you can do is generate inequalities between the two parts of the body, and the acquisition of vices drag over time.

Training with a single charge and with both sides is much faster, as we will be focusing on both sides at once, and therefore will only be made once the succession of movements. This makes many people choose to train in this way to save time. It is also highly recommended for beginner’s people, for thus get an approximation to the different exercises and work with the body and muscles that compose it.

In the variation is taste

Whatever way we choose to work, we always recommend the change. As we have said before, varied trainings wealth will give us more time to train the different muscle groups that make up our body completely. Therefore, whatever way we choose, we must always look good and perform movements involving the muscles that are working at that time.

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