3 Tips for Making Life Changing Decisions

Making life changing decisions is something that everyone experiences. The older we get, the more difficult they become because we start to lay down roots. Suddenly, these decisions affect more than just yourself. When you have more at stake, career guidance and counseling is one option that will help you work toward your goals while balancing them with the rest of your life.

Here are three tips for those who are about to make a life changing decision.

Have a Vision

If you know what your ultimate goal is, making a life changing decision should become easier. Before every important decision you make, simply estimate if your choice will get you closer to your ultimate goal. Remember, your life is not going to travel in a straight line. There will be zigs and zags from Point A to Point B. In some cases, there may be a step back before you go forward three. A vision, though, helps you stay focused. When life throws you a curve ball, you can deal with it and then, get back to business.

Write a Pros and Cons List

Choices are not perfect, but if the pros outweigh the cons, then a choice may be good enough. Jotting down the pros and cons of a life changing decision is a great way to see the bigger picture. It also allows you to easily factor in how it will affect those that will be directly impacted as well. A pros and cons list also keeps you honest. If an amazing job opportunity could be yours, but you have to move, you can determine how your new salary and expenses compare to your current salary and expenses. Then, you can go from there.

Just do It

It sounds cliche, but sometimes, a life changing decision requires you to just do it. There is only so much thinking, analyzing and mulling over you can do before it becomes unproductive. There are plenty of successful figures in history and the present who took chances and eventually, came out on the other side well. Fear, doubt and failure are scary possibilities that sometimes have to be faced, head on.

Making a decision that is going to change your life will weigh on you, but having a life vision, pros and cons list, and a just do it mentality can make it easier.

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