Exercising after childbirth, good or bad idea?

Exercising after childbirth

If you’re accustomed to doing sports sure you really want to pick up after delivery, but it is important to do it safely.

Once we got used to follow a healthy lifestyle it is difficult to spend some time at rest or without exercise. After delivery, follow a varied and balanced diet is essential, but what about exercise? Is it a good idea to pick up as soon as possible? Here we have all the details.

Postpartum recovery, do not hurry

After the exertions of childbirth are advisable to wait at least the end of the “quarantine” before starting to exercise again, something we always start gradually.

Exercising after childbirth
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No hurry, no worry not at that time by increasing weight, after all is a reservoir to feed your baby, so enjoy the early days at her side and rest to get you back to your site.

If the birth was vaginal muscles that form the pelvic floor are most affected and sometimes cause problems such as urinary or fecal incontinence and genital prolapsed, which may be aggravated by practicing some intense exercises such as crunches or aerobic activities that include jumping and effort.

If cesarean scar also need recovery time and although every woman is different, always respect those first few postpartum weeks and then return to the sport gradually, being aware that we will need some time to get back to the rhythm always.

Where do I begin?

An excellent exercise, you can practice with your baby and also to help you get in shape without much effort cheer you up, you are going for a walk. So remember to start slowly. It is very positive marked a habit that we can take, such as three or four trips a week ,about 15 or 20 minutes, and as we leave feeling stronger and agile increase the time, the pace and number of days.

Walking helps improve leg circulation and reduce fluid retention so prevalent at this stage, in addition to the kids love to go out, so it is an activity that can be very enjoyable for both. Yes, always listening to your body. Never you continue walking if you do not feel well, if you notice pain or are too tired.

Another priority after delivery is also to strengthen the pelvic floor, always carefully. We can start with Kegel exercises and continue working area activities, such as yoga or pilates. Urogynaecology physiotherapists specialized in obstetrics and may, in addition to realize ourselves a review of our state to advise us.

Ideally, focus on breathing and acquiring good posture, rather than working abdominals, buttocks, etc., which is something that will be getting gradually. In addition some gentle exercise can practice in the home with the baby, so we will be in contact while we care.

Swimming is also advisable, since water reduces the impact of movements in our body, but always slowly and without force.

Some additional recommendations

Given that we should not hurry to start and what exercises are best, here are some additional recommendations to help you enjoy more of the benefits of sport:

  • Establish a routine, one day a week, two …
  • Do not get goals yet, it soon, but your body needs to recover all, that’s the main objective.
  • Do sports in the company: with the baby, with friends, with other moms and you will feel more motivated.
  • Take the opportunity to go outdoors whenever you can.
  • Use sports shoes and loose, comfortable and breathable clothing, paying special attention to the fastener is of the appropriate size and shape.
  • Hydrate, drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables, especially if you are breast-feeding.

Following these instructions you will return to exercise safely. You just need a little patience and before you realize physical activity will be part of your life.

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