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What time of day is it better to go in for sports?

sports exercise

When I came to the gym, I had a clear goal: to remove the extra 4 kg and “build up” some of the strategically important zones. I was really convinced that the result directly depends on the qualification of the coach: helped me to correct the food and made a schedule of training taking into account what time of the day it is better to go in for sports. I know that many people do physical exercises at home, so the advice of a professional coach can come in handy. In this article, I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned. Read more

The 11 best exercises for strong arms

exercises for strong arms

If you are not used to carry out physical activity, it is good that, to strengthen the arms, are proceeding a little at a time. Start with a few repetitions and low weight, then gradually increasing them.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect and wanting to keep fit, toning the arms, we will improve our daily lives. We can lift heavy objects without problems or feel pain whenever we carry out certain activities.

This article will talk about the best exercises to strengthen your arms. You can make them at home or in the gym. Read more

Exercising after childbirth, good or bad idea?

Exercising after childbirth

If you’re accustomed to doing sports sure you really want to pick up after delivery, but it is important to do it safely.

Once we got used to follow a healthy lifestyle it is difficult to spend some time at rest or without exercise. After delivery, follow a varied and balanced diet is essential, but what about exercise? Is it a good idea to pick up as soon as possible? Here we have all the details.

Postpartum recovery, do not hurry

After the exertions of childbirth are advisable to wait at least the end of the “quarantine” before starting to exercise again, something we always start gradually. Read more

7 exercises and stretches you must do in the office to feel better

Office exercise

The modern workplace makes thousands of people spend many hours a day sitting in front of your computer without exercise your body. While this position is comfortable for some, is shown to hold for prolonged periods are harmful to metabolic health, joint and muscle.

Compounding the problem is more with the fact that some just tired of their days and do not have enough time to exercise. Given the risks that this entails, it has designed several plans “labor gymnastics” with which you are invited to activate the body from the workplace.

Although not intend to bring a full gym to the office, it is very interesting to relieve muscle tension, stress and other reactions related to physical inactivity practice. The movements proposed are very easy to do; they do not take away a long time and can be made up in confined spaces.

Here we share the 7 best for you to start to devote a few minutes a day. Put them into practice! Read more

Train vs independent exercise

independent exercise

We are constantly recommending ways to train we can combine different regularly in our routines. We at this time we will focus on two ways of working muscles, with separate charges for each part of the body work, or working the muscle group concerned with a burden that will arise in conjunction with both hands.

Surely we doubt has arisen hundreds of times whether it is better to train one way or another, and that after all the mechanics of the exercise is similar, but the results will not be the same. It is therefore good that we have in mind for what will work in one way or the other. Read more

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