Crossfit is not everything, other ways to work the body when training


Fashions have always marked in fitness training. Today there are plenty of workout routines and many are those who join them. We constantly see new routines and techniques that promise the best results in the world. One of the most forces is currently the Crossfit. For this reason we want to stop at this point, as it seems that if you do Crossfit not really train for it and in this post we will defend other routines that will give us good results and that seem forgotten.

It is true that the results that give us the Crossfit are excellent, but keep in mind that is high performance training and requirements that demands are high. Although there are different intensities for beginners and people with a higher level, for many others it is too far above his level. But we must not forget that even if trend, there are still other ways to get a well – worked muscles.

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Traditional fitness training

A traditional way to train the muscles is what has always been known as fitness or weight training. It is the traditional way to train using simple weight lifting exercises. It is true that only a part of the body works and is not involved as much as with other disciplines, is more aerobic work is conspicuous by its absence, but is a good way to become familiar with exercise and tune the muscles and get their growth and development.


The TRX is another modality that we cannot lose sight. Although he had his followers at the time, he has slowly been losing strength, but it is a kind of very respectful discipline with the natural movements of the body that allows us to train the muscles with our own weight, without using additional charges and we It helps you get a very good muscle quality, as we work parties that otherwise would not. In addition, it is a kind of discipline that allows us to exercise anywhere and at any time, simply because we will take the equipment with us.

GAP and Body Pump

Other disciplines that now sound us past are the GAP or Body Pump. Today there are fewer people that practice, but nevertheless are very comprehensive disciplines that help us work the entire body and get a perfect muscle toning. We must not forget that it is directed classes, and therefore their performance will always be much better, because it will be a professional who oversee their performance.

Aerobics and Step

And if aerobic exercise is, other disciplines such as aerobics step aerobics, which sound passed, are also equally valid, as we will help you burn calories in a fun way, in addition to that we are working the muscles of the body. Like the above, it is guided to take place in the group and that will allow us to run a more effective performance activity.

It is true that there are many more disciplines that today are almost forgotten. All of them are valid and must take them into account when training. The ideal is to acquire a series of habits that allow us to make each one of them without problem and alternate them in order to achieve better worked muscles and a wider range of possibilities.

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