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Crossfit is not everything, other ways to work the body when training


Fashions have always marked in fitness training. Today there are plenty of workout routines and many are those who join them. We constantly see new routines and techniques that promise the best results in the world. One of the most forces is currently the Crossfit. For this reason we want to stop at this point, as it seems that if you do Crossfit not really train for it and in this post we will defend other routines that will give us good results and that seem forgotten.

It is true that the results that give us the Crossfit are excellent, but keep in mind that is high performance training and requirements that demands are high. Although there are different intensities for beginners and people with a higher level, for many others it is too far above his level. But we must not forget that even if trend, there are still other ways to get a well – worked muscles. Read more

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