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Why you want more time?

More Time

It is the most important question. Why? Although it seems obvious, one because with an intense emotional charge, is the only thing that will move you how to manage your time today, a more efficient way to do it.

When we impose that “we” have more time, something in your brain resists. That “I have to” or “should” represent actions that generate in your brain, the more pain than pleasure. And when I speak of pain, it is a real pain.

More Time
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Absolutely perfect day one

How to generate the correct answer? Close your eyes. Imagine what would be an absolutely perfect day for you. Think of the morning of that day. Where would you be? With whom? What desalinates? Who do you eat lunch? What would be possible for you on a perfect day? How would your life, your health, your physical, your finances, your relationships? How to end a day like this?

Now, what would be met to achieve that ideal life you want?

Make a list of everything that you need to get there. This will be the perfect motivation to achieve move in your life and create the time you long.

Now, let’s see what’s happening with your time, in real life:

  1. For a week, at the end of each day, write down what you did. Try not to miss any detail. It is an arduous task, but worth doing once in life.
  2. When culminating the week, take list and start identifying activities in 4 types of actions:
  3. Distraction: Avoiding actions that execute other you are annoying, painful, boring or do not know how to do it.

E.g. Chat Cell, social calls, spam, etc.

  1. Self-deception: Those activities where you want to please others at the expense of your own priorities.

It is not cancel your social life, but to do things in the moment when it is most convenient for you,

  1. Stress: Are those things you have to do without time under pressure (usually because you stole the 2 previous time), and generate a lot of anxiety and stress, which affects not only your time availability, but also your emotional state and your health.
  2. Realization: They are those activities that you run when you’re doing what you like, what is important to you these activities manage to integrate them into your life.

Finding the motivation

Have you ever wondered, what will happen to you if you follow a fulfilling life alone without other quality time for you and yours?

Ready paying and those prices will still pay if you keep this up?

Now think of everything good about what you’re missing by not having time for what really matters to you.

Our brain is an organ that has 3 million years working in the same way. It does not like the changes. Keeping you in what many call a comfort zone, but I prefer to call as “your patterns of behavior.” Patterns that you have many years using, because our brain works. But it’s your brain, it’s not you. You can choose to change, because you’re the boss and he knows the life you want to live. The life you deserve.

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