Seven traditional recipes that can be converted into sandwich

Seven traditional recipes

Anything fits between two pieces of bread. Well I knew John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who was the precursor of this highly practical invention. His passion for playing cards forced his servants to prepare all kinds of food so I could eat like an elegant English gentleman unstained cards. Many years have passed since the birth of the sandwich and not just cold cuts and cold meats are the stars of the recipes. We have found recipes that fit very well known dishes to the custom of eating “something” between two slices of bread.

Seven traditional recipes
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The Sandwich Pizza Margarita

The pizza is already one of the leaders of the portable food, an option for those who need a quick drink anywhere, but with this option the chance of staining your hands are almost nonexistent. The basis of this hot sandwich is the same as that of the famous recipe: fried tomato best quality, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil and spices.

The fried egg sandwich with potatoes

I remember my mother, teacher make wonderful meal with the humblest ingredients, it made us sandwiches chips back in the 80s when we swam in abundance NO. It never occurred to add a fried egg or, failing that, one scrambled to give him the final touch to adapt this classic sandwich format .

The Caesar Salad Sandwich

The key to a good Caesar salad is in the sauce that bears his name, made with minced garlic, anchovies, a little Dijon mustard, egg and lemon. Spread two slices of bread with it, add bacon, grilled chicken, lettuce and grated Parmesan cheese and, voila !, a salad that is easily transported.

The Meatball Sandwich

If you’re lucky and you come home with a pie plate full of dumplings your mother, you can always make a great sandwich with leftovers and hogging all eyes of your colleagues in the office. Only four meatballs are necessary to prepare this wonder, you will win many more points if you add a bunch of cheese to melt and at the last minute in the microwave gratins it.

The Macaroni and Cheese Sandwich

With the leftover dough can be made thousands of thing (before eating them, of course): a fritter, puddings, the basis for a stew with meat … but what about a sandwich? Why not? The key to this sandwich is that the paste which is short – count format and bread have some consistency.

The Caprese Salad Sandwich

Another classic salad sandwich reconverted to take anywhere. Juicy, mozzarella and basil tomatoes. It can not be easier. And more delicious.

The Sandwich Cocido Madrileño

In Seville covers pringá are very typical, a great way to take full advantage of the remains of cooked: black pudding, sausage, bacon, brisket or chicken to coat them in bread pieces. Then to turn them into a unique sandwich there is a small step for man … and one very big for the history of the sandwich.

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