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Eight original recipes with pumpkin, to take advantage of this seasonal vegetable

Pumpkin recipe

Pumpkin is one of the vegetables that we can leverage for these months to get good nutrients and a pleasant sweet taste in our dishes, so, we leave eight original recipes with pumpkin that will help you incorporate more this food to your table.

Original recipes with pumpkin

To vary our dishes and not just make a puree, soup or stew with pumpkin, you have some recipes originals that you can try at home to reinvent the use of this vegetable. Read more

3 Simple gluten-free recipes

gluten-free recipes

These days we talked about celiac disease, the gluten intolerance and the problems that this disease is. Intolerance of gluten by gluten requires them to follow strict diets lacking where food is present vegetable protein particularly wheat. The first impression is that it must be difficult to follow gluten – free diet as it is found in many staple foods that most of us consume regularly. But with a little knowledge, we discover that you can lead a healthy and varied diet, without eating gluten.

Today I leave 3 gluten – free recipes for example. Read more

Seven traditional recipes that can be converted into sandwich

Seven traditional recipes

Anything fits between two pieces of bread. Well I knew John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who was the precursor of this highly practical invention. His passion for playing cards forced his servants to prepare all kinds of food so I could eat like an elegant English gentleman unstained cards. Many years have passed since the birth of the sandwich and not just cold cuts and cold meats are the stars of the recipes. We have found recipes that fit very well known dishes to the custom of eating “something” between two slices of bread. Read more

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