Earth Day: Involve your children in the care of the planet

Earth Day

Among our missions as parents, it is undoubtedly to instill in our children the love and respect for the planet on which we live. Children are no strangers to the changes that our planet is suffering and it is important to get them involved in your care since they are small. Minimal gestures like throwing trash in the bins or care for a plant helps them start being environmentally responsible.

Earth Day
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Today marks the World Day of Mother Earth, this year also coincides with the signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and a historic pact signed more than 170 countries at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The importance of trees

In 2016, the chosen theme is trees. Why are so important trees? Because they help to combat climate change, help us breathe clean air, help us to counteract the loss of species and to achieve economic sustainability and long – term environmental and provide food, energy and income.

Commitment “Trees For The Earth” launched this year aims to plant 7.8 million trees in the next five years.

Small gestures for children to take care of the Planet

Here also the example of parents is key for children to get involved in the care of the planet. With simple tips can do a lot to start to care responsibly? Let us not forget that they are men and women of tomorrow.

  • Teach them to recycle: Take it as a game but ends up becoming usual. Sometimes even they who scold us when we’re wrong container.
  • Saving water: Help a lot of small actions like closing the tap while brushing their teeth or soaping hands, control the shower water, etc..
  • Do not waste electricity: Not turn on lights when not needed, turn off the TV or computer when we’re not using, remember to turn off the light when leaving a room.
  • Respect plants, trees and animals: Teach them to care for and respect all forms of life. Show it with small examples like planting seeds, caring for plants that you have at home, and of course, inculcate the love for animals.

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