Remedies for dry, dehydrated skin

Dry Skin

This article offers remedies for dry, dehydrated skin. They are very easy to follow tips that will help us look great skin.

What do you expect to protect your skin?

After the summer season, with all that entails enjoy the most anticipated season (swimming pools, beaches, exposure to prolonged sun, dietary change, etc.) it is time to renew our skin and prepare it for the winter, which not forget also wreaks havoc on our skin.

How to detect dry skin, dehydrated or cracked?

The most obvious symptoms of dry, dehydrated skin are: lack of light, excessive dryness, peeling, wrinkles and dark spots due to prolonged sun exposure without adequate prevention.

Dry Skin
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What are the tips to get it back?

It is clear that a healthy diet (not abuse chocolates, sausages, salt, refined sugars, alcohol, snuff) helps keep skin smoothness and elasticity, but we will give some remedies for dry natural skin in an easy way , restore the skin allow both have “punished” brightness and firmness that it deserves.

It is not a question of age … the skin suffers have the old you … do not easily peels off skin of a baby? It is normal that after the summer we have the dry, dehydrated skin but it is also true that there are people who have well all year.

How can we “feed” the skin?

Dry, dehydrated skin is only a reflection of our body. So, if our diet is rich in fruit, water, vegetables, legumes and whole grains will look much better.

Some of the best supplements are brewer’s yeast, wheat germ and / or organic silicon and, above all, a good supply of Omega 3 and 6. The beads evening primrose oil, wheat germ or Lino they can help a lot. In many cases dry skin is not lack of water but of essential fatty acids. Ask for advice on your herbalist, drugstore or specialist.

If instead of the typical latte took a green tea or an infusion of purifying plants (nettle, dandelion, horsetail, Mint and Sage) the result will be much better.

A peeling one of the best remedies for dry skin, dehydrated or abused

Perform peeling (gentle exfoliation) once a week to remove dead skin cells, whitening and go if there are any sunspots.

The peeling I recommend should be very soft particles (sugar fine-grained or unrefined sea salt fine grain), mixing with 3 or 4 drops of organic lemon essential oil (for its contribution in vitamin C and its bleaching effect) and to end the mixture will a few drops of vegetable oil (vegetable oil recommend a carrot) for their contribution in vitamin A.

All mixed in a small bowl and make exfoliation once a week.

Do not forget a good oil!

Use vegetable oils for the area of the face, neck, chest will help prevent dry skin. If you want to have it well nourished and firm used daily Argan oil bio.

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