Is it safe to eat regularly at restaurants?

Eat Regularly

We tend to believe that homemade food is healthier than go eat at a fast food place, but what about the other restaurants? Are they healthier than the fast foods? Is it better to prepare food at home? Let’s see some findings of an American study conducted on this issue, and review some advantages and disadvantages of eating out.

Eating out is more caloric

According to one study by the University of Illinois, eating out, whether in traditional restaurants or fast food means eating average about 200 calories more than if you eat at home. When we compared to the article where relationships calories and lowering and lifting weight, eat 40 times out fat one kilogram involve more (or lose a kilogram less) than if those meals had been done at home. It may seem little, but if you go 3 or 4 times a month to the restaurant, after 10 years could have 10 kilos more.

Eat Regularly
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Interestingly, despite its bad reputation, the fast food places are no more caloric than traditional restaurants, possibly because in a classic restaurant, the longer it is, the more dishes (first, second, dessert, bread) eaten and more drinks are taken.

Generalizations are very vague

The above calculation was only an example, and is based on the average behavior of a large sample of American consumers. Obviously, if you choose a variety of foods and not too caloric when you go to eat out and eat very caloric unlike when you’re at home, the study does not apply to your case. But despite that generalizations are not applicable to all, often they reflect trends , and therefore it is good to learn from them.

Advantages and disadvantages of eating out front preparing food at home

Here are some of the advantages of the restaurants

  • Eating out is more practical. You do not have to prepare food, or washing pots and dishes, or go buy the ingredients.
  • Eating Out allows you to discover new dishes that you probably not being at home they occurred.
  • The environment of a restaurant is usually nicer than your office desk, or even the overflow room to eat in your workplace.
  • It is customary to eat at restaurants with other people, to socialize. The home – cooked food is eaten faster and usually has less time to share.

However, preparing food at home has its advantages

  • You always know what you are eating, and it ‘s something you like because I have prepared you.
  • Out much cheaper.
  • You lose less time when you eat at noon. If you work, you may mean being able to leave work early and have more free time.
  • Usually healthier, with less fat and fewer calories, simply because you decide what you wear.

So, it is good to eat out?

I think the most important is the knowledge. If you are aware of what you eat, and you are careful when ordering dishes, you can eat perfectly healthy and with fewer calories in restaurants. You should not hesitate and ask that you remove an ingredient or you add another, if you want to adjust a dish to what you really like. Normally establishments usually have some flexibility.

And if you serve large amounts, do not eat it all. Just ask to wrap what to carry, and if you cannot, leave it. In many restaurants the portions are huge, and eat it all is nothing healthy in the medium term.

Therefore, the issue is not whether you eat out or eat at home, but as you control what you eat. If you take control and you make sure you eat varied and healthy, it does not have to be bad often eat in restaurants.

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