3D movies, a good test for the sight of your kids!

3D movies

The film in 3D? A good test for your views!

The Christmas holidays are the time when you spend more time with his family, taking advantage of these days to go to the movies, maybe to see 3D movies, or to enjoy the gifts received from Santa Claus, especially electronic devices that now even the most passionate little ones.

According to the doctors of the Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic Bavaria these festivals, paradoxically, can provide an opportunity to identify any defects or diseases in children. And even in adults!

3D movies
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Use equipment or watch a movie in 3D, wearing special glasses, it allows in fact to understand if there is no depth perception, a signal that indicates clearly the presence of a visual problem or impairment of vision of one eye or eye movement.

“If a child does not have problems of view – commented Dr. Barbara Prandi, medical ophthalmologist – you will enjoy your 3D movies without complications; those who have even a mild visual disturbance, which had never noticed before, may find it difficult to keep wearing glasses. It may be a sign of a latent squint or microstrabismo, a detour of so minimal sight not to be visible aesthetically but that can cause problems, such as the distance calculation. This goes even for adults: who has minimal vision problems, maybe until now ignored, can become aware of just watching a 3D movie!”.

The 3D devices, in particular the special glasses which must be worn in order to perceive the three dimensions, can be then considered as the test for the view. And, it should be noted, do not cause absolutely visual problem. For children, it is recommended to wear them no earlier than six years, because the more these tiny devices can cause eye fatigue.

“If you suspect a vision problem in children – recommends Dr. Prandi – it is useful to go to their ophthalmologist of confidence as soon as possible, so as to realize a complete visit, diagnose the cause of the problem and take action so quickly. In children, the quickness of intervention is crucial and may prevent the worst problem.

Tablets and smartphones, the secret is knowing how to use it right

But aside from the glasses to see 3D movies, which can be a useful visual tests, which happens to our eyes when we use continuously and excessive electronic devices that are now part of our daily lives?

Although it can not be said that the use of electronic devices causes, in itself, visual problem, it is certainly true that their abuse and prolonged exposure can cause eyestrain and cause eye problems. Why doctors Clinic Bavaria advised to follow these few simple tips that can protect your eyes, no take away the pleasure of using the latest in digital technology!

1) Evitare prolonged exposure. Too many hours spent on these devices can cause redness, fatigue and excessive weeping eyes.

2) Alternate moments of eye rest, changing the object of your attention (for example admiring a landscape or something in the distance): in this way you will avoid ever putting in fire at close range and not too strive your eyesight.

3) Beat the eyelids frequently to keep the eyes properly hydrated. In fact, due to the excessive concentration that when we look at the screen of a PC, tablet or mobile phone, we forget to blink, thereby increasing our dry eye.

4) Keep these devices at a fair distance, usually 30-40 centimeters from his face. And down slightly compared to the visual line, slightly bending the neck, without exceeding 35 degrees of inclination.

5) Make periodic eye exams, especially if, for entertainment or work, use these devices for several hours a day.

“The electronics, movies in 3D, tablets, smartphones, etc … are part of a future and a present that we cannot simply set aside, but we must know how to use it the right way, without subjecting the view, especially that of children, to unnecessary efforts,” he concluded Dr. Barbara Prandi.

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