Lymphatic drainage massage in the Spa against pain

The massage lymphatic drainage practiced in the spa is not only a great way to reduce the swelling and drain the body by removing toxins, but also produces a sense of general well-being and helps to relieve the pain. We suggest visiting Best nail salon in midtown east.

The lymphatic drainage massage, as its name says, is to stimulate the lymph or liquid that is inside the lymphatic vessels and that in the case of stagnation causes bloating and cellulite is often associated with pain. In the spa massages are performed with manual techniques that manage to move the sap immediately giving a feeling of well-being and lightness in the legs.

If the lymph does not circulate in an appropriate manner it stagnates causing edema within which accumulate bacteria, dead cells, and this may lead to a series of consequences not only aesthetic but also to load the organism that is as it were intoxicated. In the aesthetic field can benefit in acne, cellulite, scars, stretch marks, rosacea, dermatitis, and skin aging. Visit Best Brazilian wax in Midtown East to get best care of waxing.

Lymphatic drainage massage in the Spa against pain

From a purely medical point of view, however, the treatment can help fight joint and extra-articular disorders, scleroderma, stroke, headaches and migraines, neuralgia, edema during pregnancy, edema of the premenstrual syndrome, post-operative edema, post-traumatic and constipation.

The lymphatic drainage massage to be effective must be done at a slow pace and with light pressure so going to stimulate all the lymph nodes. The latter is part of the immune system that is that if well-functioning protects the body from disease and that’s why it is very important that they are in perfect health. Lymphatic drainage then attenuates pain, drains and simultaneously tones the muscles of the blood vessels smooth.

There are some cases where the lymphatic drainage massage can have side effects and therefore should be avoided: in the presence of acute infections, heart failure, phlebitis or thrombosis, severe kidney or liver problems, asthma or acute bronchitis, the lower abdomen, and low blood pressure disorders.

Outside of these specific cases, treat yourself to a cycle of lymphatic drainage massage in a spa produces a large number of positive effects: improves circulation, purifies the body and makes it more active, tones muscles and eliminate swelling. And finally, it produces a sense of physical and mental relaxation with positive effects on mood. Finally we recommended Best Facials in Midtown east and Spa gift certificates online NYC to know more details.

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