High-Fitness: 5 Trends To Get Fit In 2017


Those who do not attend gyms for a while might be left to an imaginary 80s, where getting into shape meant of elastic bands of sponge and clothing in a coordinated, sit on a tool similar to a medieval torture device, and sweating in front of a mirror. Now, it is not surprising that, starting from this condition, these individuals have decided never to cross more of a place destined to the own body contouring threshold.

Fortunately, times go by and, even in this field, the creative gears athletic trainers, personal trainers and fitness luminaries are constantly working to churn out new ways to lose weight, firm up the critical points and define your muscles. The following are some of the main trends emerged within the most renowned and influential industry events.

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Body Weight Training

Who does not like crowded places and salty accounts of gyms will be happy to know that 2017 promotes a return to all the training practices that put in a corner and machine tools, to rely solely on his own body, in domestic scenarios and / or open air. Exercises, free weights and body movements date back thus ranking and take sweet revenge on fitness hyper and cutting edge.

High Intensity Interval Training

The fanatics of the whole days spent in the gym that delete appointments and become untraceable when they have to undergo hours and hours of training that otherwise would not be as effective, they can be considered as overcome. The new era of fitness rewards the concept of short but intense: a few minutes of pure tension, interspersed with minimum breaks. Boxing and the pre-boxing exercises, left the competitive context and optics of combat, are quickly catching on. But also the new generation of electrostimulation applied to training allows you to get in about 40 minutes the results of a traditional session canonical 2-hour gym.

Functional Fitness

Before you strengthen muscles, perhaps it is wise to learn how to move in space: a good idea that does not confine itself to the environment of a gym – where even maintain balance and increase strength prevents fainting and impacts to people and things – but it’s also useful in everyday life. Footboards, kettlebell (weights with handle), barbells, balls and balls, but also the good old pilates, are fundamental to improving the fluidity and the extension of the body, correct posture, improve the strength and so on.


Classic that never goes out of fashion, yoga continues to occupy the top positions of the trends to keep fit. Especially as the common place of the holy man meditating with his knees behind his back and hippies who try in vain to imitate him to release the chakras and reach Nirvana has long gone from the most creative and powerful variants of the discipline.

Foot Fitness

Down but only for a matter of anatomical analogy, the Foot Fitness focuses on the most tortured part and stressed our body. The key tools are hemispheres covered with protuberances that allow the balance, the flexibility, the strength and the correct support of the foot, for a time considered as the combination of the heel, toes and plant. You cannot work on the body, neglecting the arts that bring it about. 2017 seems to have understood this.

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