5 rules to get out of the couch and start training

start training

Healthy man in healthy body. One of the most wicked, there is so much to become really boring and useless. Also because, as is often the case, the fame of said nothing has to do with the success of the practice. Though the Latins have already understood how the brain draws enormous benefits from regular practice of physical activity, modern medicine has largely snapped exercise as a form of enhancing body and mind skills.

And over time, this attitude has disallowed people to think of physical training as a central part of a comprehensive approach to health. In fact, in years of industry experience, I have never heard anyone say “I want to start doing gymnastics to get better at work” or “to be more polished and focused.” On the contrary, in our society tends to feel a person too dependent on the cure of the superficial body and in general a bit more and instead an intellectual ignoring its outward appearance, like an intelligent. All common places.

Many research points out how vital physical activity is to keep the body strong and healthy and for those who do not want to read the studies, I recommend a trip to a hospital geriatrics department to figure out how it ends when you do not get the least Effort to keep fit.

start training
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Physical activity is important for maintaining brain activity

A recent study has further confirmed how important both physical activity is to maintain brain capacity and, where appropriate, the benefits are directly proportional to the effort: the one harvesting. This applies both to the response of the body and to the brain, as well as to the enhancement of the character that occurs through the change of life habits.

A new habit strengthens the other, and so often, those who start to work regularly, then decide to change their diet, adopting, for example, the criteria of Potentiating Nutrition , capable of enhancing the overall strengthening of the body.

But for most people the biggest difficulty is just to overcome the inertia of the first steps. Where to start a change path?

Here are 5 simple rules from which to start pushing our lazy indole to move …

1. Stop making excuses and alibi. Every time you get an excuse you get around alone. The others will not do it because they are like the old version of you.

2. Think about the benefits of 360° on body, mind, character, mood, work performance, and why not, even sexually. In the end, training means “giving away” or giving life to your body.

3. Think of workout and nutrition as one and only adopt the criteria of potentiating nutrition. Do not just aim at prevention, that is, to avoid the worst evil but to live life full.

4. Join in the gym, maybe choose the most dear, so it will give you more annoyance whenever you skip a workout.

5. Enter the workouts on your weekly agenda as they are working appointments or commitments you have taken, not with others but with yourself. If you jump, you have to retrieve it. If you do good, be honored.

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