Feeding tips for summer

food for summer

When the heat comes, also the holidays arrive. Some lucky as students or certain professions can enjoy several months of hiatus, while others have to meet with the month of August. But even when not formally holiday, the pace of life changes, like changing our eating habits. Here are some tips for eating well in summer.

Take the opportunity to eat a good breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and partly true because occurs after fasting for about 10 hours, and we need energy. In normal times, with the stress of work and rush, many people simply have a coffee and toast. In summer, you can take to enjoy a good breakfast with fruit, milk, some salty things and anything you can wish for. In addition, you can eat slow, which is always healthier.

food for summer
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Even if you do not feel you have to eat

In summer feel less eat, heat, and indeed often people thin, because that lower intake of food combined with increased physical activity. However, although not fancy, you have to eat. You can opt for buffet (salads, cold meat served) and some very refreshing traditional dishes such as gazpacho. Moreover, do not forget the carbohydrates. You can get rice, pasta or tabbouleh in your salads to give more consistency to your cold dishes.

Beware times

It is very well enjoy the summer and not have to respect timetables to split table, but neither can skip meals or can be many hours without eating. As we said earlier, in summer there are more physical activity, so you have to try to keep track of schedules, to avoid incidents like the typical weakness due to lack of sugar.

Do not overdo with ice cream and soft drinks, drinks water

Obviously, when the heat’m excited to be ice cream or a soda drink you. And in small quantities they are not bad. However, it’s not good idea to integrate them into your diet. In addition, for hydration, there is nothing better than water. In addition, since we are talking about rehydrate, I will insist on the subject. I know you’ve heard a thousand warnings about it, but it’s so easy to have a heat stroke and dehydration in this weather it’s important to rehydrate much in summer. Drink, although sometimes you do not want. And watch some more fragile around you (children, elderly) people also drink enough.

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