The 11 best exercises for strong arms

exercises for strong arms

If you are not used to carry out physical activity, it is good that, to strengthen the arms, are proceeding a little at a time. Start with a few repetitions and low weight, then gradually increasing them.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect and wanting to keep fit, toning the arms, we will improve our daily lives. We can lift heavy objects without problems or feel pain whenever we carry out certain activities.

This article will talk about the best exercises to strengthen your arms. You can make them at home or in the gym.

1st Training program of exercises to strengthen your arms

This first series of exercises has as objective to get stronger arms and defined.

Curl barbell for biceps

  • Standing with your back straight, you hold the barbell with your hands separated shoulder width apart.
  • The palms should be facing down and the elbows as close as possible to the trunk.
  • Raise your arms forward and make sure that your hands reach to touch your shoulders.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and then go back to the initial one. Made of 20 repetitions.

Chin up

To carry out this exercise, we need a bar.

  • Place your palms towards the body and separate your arms shoulder-width apart.
  • Hang from the bar pulling, stretching his arms and, with the back straight, flex your elbows and lift the trunk.
  • Made of 10 repetitions.

Extension Triceps Bar

  • Lie down on a mat belly up, resting your feet well and your back. The knees should be bent.
  • Take a dumbbell in hand and stretched his arms at chest height (the dumbbells will touch).
  • Flex then the elbows, forearms flow backwards, in such a way that the dumbbells they are as close as possible to the floor once the head area exceeded.
  • Made of 20 repetitions.

Ups Diamond

  • Put yourself in the classic position to make push-ups, but instead of placing your arms alongside your body, rest your hands in front of chest.
  • The thumb and index fingers should touch (forming a heart or a diamond, which in fact gives its name to the exercise).
  • Made of 20 pushups.

Spider Curl

You need a bench with the seat tilted at 45°.

  • Place the torso on the bench and let it “fall” arms, so that they are well stretched.
  • Grab a bar with both hands, palms facing up. Lift the bar up, so as to touch the shoulders.
  • You should never raise your triceps from the bench. I’m just your biceps to move.
exercises for strong arms
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2nd training program of exercises to strengthen your arms

The whole series must be achieved with the dumbbells. Nevertheless, if realized the exercises at home, you can opt for the bottles with water or sand.

Openings with dumbbells

  • Standing, grab a dumbbell hands. Do not forget that your back must always be kept up straight.
  • Raise the arms to the side, as long as these do not result in a straight line with the shoulders (forming a cross).
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and then go back to the initial one.
  • Made of 20 repetitions.

Method 21

The name of this exercise is related with the number of repetitions.

  • Take a dumbbell hands (or a bar) and stretch your arms in front of body.
  • The first part consists in raising the biceps until the elbows are at right angles. Made 7 reps.
  • The second part consists of lifting arms from the previous position to the shoulders, realizing 7 movements.
  • The last part includes the complete lifting (stretches arms should touch the shoulders). Even in this case, must be made 7 repetitions.

Raise side with dumbbells

To carry out this exercise, you have to position yourself belly up on an exercise mat.

  • Take the dumbbells and, flexing his arms, bring them to your chest (the dumbbells will touch).
  • The arms should be lateral to the body, but will not spread.
  • Made of 20 repetitions.

Push-ups and stretching

These are two of the movements required by this exercise.

  • Take a handlebar with the right hand and the left arm stretched out along the body. Your back should be very straight.
  • Flex the arm in such a way that the handlebar touches the shoulder.
  • Extend your arm and bring the handlebar upwards, so that the arm is entirely stretched out and the shoulder touches the ear.
  • Made 10 repetitions and switch sides.

Strains above the head

The exercise is carried out standing with the back straight.

  • Take a dumbbell hands and open arms to cross.
  • Next, fold the triceps, as if the dumbbells should touch your ears. This is the starting position.
  • After that, raise your arms above the head and make sure that the dumbbells prove neighbors. Hold for a few seconds and then lower your arms.
  • Made of 20 repetitions.

Lunges for triceps

This exercise can be done with the help of stairs or a bench.

  • Put yourself from behind the object and flex your knees.
  • Put your palms together with fingers pointing verses of you and bring your elbows back.
  • Spread good legs and place your heels. The idea is that the whole body except the palms and heels, remain “suspended in the air”.
  • Bend and extend the arms, accompanying the movement with the body, realizing 20 repetitions.

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